Sunday, March 11, 2012

Very Quick Sunday Update

I managed to do only a few things on my ambitious list, but the cammi purse was one of them and it's now done and boxed up ready to ship. Whew!

I also went to see Act of Valor with Alex and one of his friends last night. It was a good movie, but not quite as good as I was hoping for. Hard to explain, but there *was* a lot of hype to live up to. Still, mega kudos to the actual SEALs both in the movie (uncredited to protect their identities) and not. Special Forces do so many things that we never know about, but we would surely know and feel it if they weren't there.

Semi-related, someone (Meredith?) asked where Tyler will be deploying. Sometime around June after pre-D leave and then pre-D training, he'll be on a ship, not boots on the ground, so that's safer and makes me happy. But I won't say on the blog exactly where they're headed because military families are not supposed to give out troop movement details and I will, of course, honor that. But his final destination besides floating around on the ocean should be an interesting and fun adventure for him and I will certainly share more details when he gets back.

I didn't do any of the alterations I have lined up, but they'll keep a while longer. Why do we stitchers HATE doing alterations so much? lol Instead, I went through my pattern pile and picked out some I want on the short list. Unfortunately, it was still about 20 patterns and there's no way I will make them all anytime soon. But a girl can dream.

I did decide what's next and tomorrow night I will press the pattern pieces (hi Carolyn!) and do some preliminary tissue fitting to decide on a size to cut. All the reviews say the pattern runs really big so some sort of muslin/tissue will definitely be in order.

The pattern, you ask?

Photo "borrowed" from

I want to make the cape version on the left, but without the neck tie, and I also want to make the skirt. I haven't picked out fabrics yet, but I'm hopeful the stash will cough up something suitable. And not a hairball. ;-)


  1. That HP Butterfly Top looks intriguing, but I've read some mixed reviews about it running big, pattern pieces not matching up the way they are supposed to, etc. I hope you write it up in your blog as you make yours!

  2. When my dad was still in the Marines people were always surprised at how often he was deployed on a ship but the Marines are part of the Navy still and their original mission was as "soliders of the sea". The red-coated soldiers under Norrington in the first "Pirates of Caribbean" movie are Royal Marines (as was Norrington himself)

  3. Both are cute tops. Pick out something fluffy and fun for one or both!

  4. I hope his boots stay on deck for a long, long time. :-)

  5. Ese patrón es hermoso! yo estoy ansiosa para ver your adelantos con it. Your proyectos son siempre fantásticos.

  6. Sorry, I wrote in Spanish without realizing it. This pattern is beautiful! I'm anxious to see your progress with it. Your projects are always fantastic.

  7. Debbie, if his floating around lands him at Perth West Australia, let me know as I would love to bring home a Marine or two for home cooked meal if he is interested. email me at akarpeta dot shockfree dot net dot au.
    I know that fleets come to Fremantle often. Cheers Alison

  8. I am with you on the alterations - my tactic is to leave them so long the garment goes out of style and my alteree no longer wants it. Love your posts these days - things are so exciting and positive for you.


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