Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Random Ramblings

1. I should make this a weekly post. I love to ramble. Hah!
2. I love my job.
3. You didn't think I could go a week without saying that, did you?
4. My job has also been posted to various recruitment place.
5. Well, not MY job, but for a co-Me.
6. In other words, there's enough work in this position for two people and so another is being hired.
7. I can attest to the workload.
8. It's weird to see one's job description written down all official-like.
9. The big boss gave me two movie theater ticket coupons today.
10. For all the extra work on last weekend's event.
11. Awesome, right? See #2, above.
12. One of the attorney attendees also sent over a big box of HUGE gourmet cookies to Marketing for a job well done.
13. I snagged one.
14. For Alex.
15. But I forgot it and my movie tickets at work.
16. Because I stayed late to polish up a Powerpoint presentation for the even bigger boss.
17. If you're looking for rental houses, realtors don't call you back.
18. It's very frustrating.
19. How am I going to find a house if I can't look at any?
20. I visited my sewing friend in Finance this morning.
21. I was wearing entirely Debbie-made, and she loved it.
22. She's really nice and I do miss chatting with her everyday.
23. I think we'll become friends outside of work, in time.
24. We have many other things in common too.
25. She touched my cardi and flipped it to see the inside, like all we sewers do to one another.
26. It cracked me up.
27. Thankfully I had used matching serger thread.
28. This time.
29. I miss sewing.
30. But I haven't bought any fabric to make up for it.
31. That's an amazing accomplishment.
32. I'd only have to pack it.
33. And 14 zillion other things.
34. I'm 3 lbs away from losing 10 lbs this month.
35. And getting to a number I haven't seen in a very VERY long time.
36. The Marine is coming home for 2 weeks at the end of the month.
37. He'll be going to the wedding with me and Alex.
38. And then he'll return to base to get ready for ...
39. Deployment.
40. Ugh.


  1. I enjoy reading your "rambling" posts. Do you know where the Marine will be deployed?

  2. quote 29. I miss sewing.
    30. But I haven't bought any fabric to make up for it. /quote

    I aspire to this, during the little sewing respite I appear to be going through. Please send me some non-fabric-buying mojo, tyvm!

  3. Debbie you are very inspiring in alot of ways, especially your weight loss - it seems so easy for you. I happen to enjoy reading your "ramblings" :)

  4. I am so into rambling. I figure if I put it down in writing, I'll make room for other stuff to ramble and ruminate over. It's a never-ending brain function.
    I love that your co-worker flipped your cardi to see the seaming. And then your sigh, "at least I used matching serger thread". Cracked me up.
    Happy day!

  5. Matching serger thread?????????who knew such a thing existed, any old blend tends to get used at my house. Good luck with finding a house, and have a wonderful fortnight with both your sons at home. I like your rambling posts too.

  6. 1I have enough work for 2 people, but DCF won't give us enough funding.
    2 Realtors don't get paid much commission for rental houses, so that's probably why they're blowing you off.

  7. It's so amazing how you landed a good job and love it. Congrats on your weight. Thanks to you, I now have the magic pencil skirt pattern and an underwear pattern(not the one that you use). Thank you for your helpful posts.

  8. Big congrats on your weightloss accomplishment!!! Whenever I came here I'd notice how quickly you were diminishing in size. It is very obvious on my screen. I thought to myself that I like to take the journey with you, so I jumped on the 'weightloss waggon' too. But unlike your loss, mine goes slowly. I eat carbs, but I am careful about the type. I workout a few times a week too.

    One of these days I'll come here and tell you about the actual loss. I am down 2 sizes, so that is a big visible change.

    Keep it up and try to get some exercise in. I find enormous energy in exercise, which I need because I work a 'heavy-weight' job in geriatrics.


  9. Matching serger thread!!!! Don't you realise the pressure you have now put on us sewers? You have set the benchmark. So happy for you with your lovely job and the big step of moving out. Best wishes. xo

  10. Rental properties are usually handled by property managers, not a Realtor. Just do a Google search for rental properties in your area, it should come back with a few sites like and

  11. Oh, hurray for a job you obviously love! Prayers for Alex's safety, wherever he fetches up. Gray thread for serger -- light, medium or dark -- for almost everything. (And gray thread when you run completely out of your project's color at 2 a.m. with only inches to spare to completion. Alterations persons live by this "gray is my hero" philosophy. Well, in sewing, not necessarily in hair color ... .)

  12. Lots of rentals on Craig's list or whatever your equivalent is. Your weight loss is awe inspiring.
    Every time I saw my job description I got all nervous and anxious, cause who could possibly do THAT job! But today is fun day, off to all day pants fitting class with hopefully a pattern that will fit my behind by the end of it.

  13. Realtors don't call you back about rentals because they make about $50 as a fee. They can spend that on gas taking you around. Look on some of the free, open real estate websites (as I'm sure you have done). Consider paying a Realtor...$500 or so...if she can find you an acceptable house. There really are plenty available on the MLS.

  14. please make your rambling posts a regular guest. i love them. they're a rollercoaster ride (those last few numbers, especially.)

  15. I am impressed with your fortitude at not buying fabric to make up for not having time to sew! It is a serious flaw in my fabric-acquiring gene.

  16. I love #27: "Thankfully I used matching serger thread." :-)

  17. I am also not sewing as much as I would like, although I've been buying patterns -- but no fabric! I really need to sew up my stash!

    I enjoy your ramblings. It's fun to hear about your family and other activities, as well as sewing.

  18. LOVE to see a good ramble!
    So fantastic about your weight loss, sorry Debi, I'm sure you must have mentioned this in a post before, but which diet are you following? You look so great, and seem to be progressing steadily towards your goal. As someone who is quite "famine proof", I would love to see if it could work as well for me.
    Love your blog....good luck with house hunting x

  19. I enjoy your Ramblings. . . .
    I'm happy your marine gets to attend the wedding with you. I'll keep my fingers crossed he's not going to one of the dangerous places - wait, I guess they're not sending anyone to Iraq anymore?? But yikes, Afganistan would be especially scary in light of what's happened recently.
    Funny that a month ago you weren't sure you would get the job, and now they need ANOTHER one of you!!!!


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