Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday Wrap Up

So I made these shorts (S3768) a few weeks ago and have been living in them every weekend. Love. Them. Still can't believe they needed no alterations. The last you saw, I was contemplating back pockets. I tried to get a modeled shot, but no flash, and aiming into the mirror while facing backwards results in much blur. Here's one of the better ones. I use that term loosely.

So I just stepped out of them and laid them on the floor for a photo, weekend wrinkles, dog hair, and all.

The first "tester" pair was from a much-loved repurposed linen but I totally spaced when sewing the waistband on by not stabilizing it and I could only wear them for about an hour before the linen stretched, which meant I was constantly tugging my shorts up like a teenaged boy. I fixed that yesterday. It ain't pretty, but it works. I added some twill tape to the inside of the waistband (right after they were pulled from the dryer) by stitching in the ditch from the top and praying I hit the twill tape underneath. I did, but it's not straight by any means. Lazy sewing at it's laziest. :-) The important thing is, it works. But ... the TOP of the waistband still gets a little loose even if the shorts now stay in place so if I get really motivated to fix this properly, I'll need to also rip out the stitching holding the slapdash twill tape in place. But for now, I'll also be living in these shorts on the weekends and chances are good that I won't fix them properly, because who's gonna know anyway?

My next project is this dress. It took me a while to settle on it because I'm having a real hate with my fabric stash and matching patterns to fabric I want to use is becoming harder and harder.

The main problem is I don't really want most of my fabrics anymore. Many are solid non-Lycra knits, bought when I was sewing more for my sons and other family. But I can't just toss or donate because ... what if I NEED something there? Right? The bottom line is it really means that out of a very full closet, only a few stacks are anything I will actually sew and even some of those are yawners to me. So now I'm contemplating sticking most of it in bins and storing it in the garage. Basically starting over, but with a lot more thought, less quantity, and a lot more sewing fabric before it becomes unloved. 

Here's where the dress progress has stopped for now. The fabric is drapey sueded moleskin, both the print and the contrast solid. I do like *this* fabric but I wasn't really wanting to sew such a fall/winter look yet. Still, if it works out, it will be a nice addition. My office is freezing most days anyway.

I haven't done a muslin for this. Just a quick tissue evaluation (not even really a tissue fit) and a few usual minor alterations as I cut the tissue so this may end up being a pretty wadder. Hah. But I don't think so ... there are many princess seams for adjusting as I go, but that means I have to baste instead of really sew. The back is together too, although I'm also trying to find out if the back zip is really necessary so I haven't done that seam as final yet either. Hopefully, I'll have some energy and mojo for sewing after work this week.

Because if I don't, my sewing table is going to look like this all week.


  1. I love the dress so far. Pretty fabric in pretty colors.

    As for the stash you do not love, you could offer up what you have on your blog either as sale pieces or for swap.

    I am rather an oddity in that regard, I really do not keep a stash. I tend to buy fabric for specific purposes and do not shop for fabric otherwise. I guess my quirk is sometimes a saving grace.

  2. Great pockets! I know what you mean regarding your stash. I only buy fabrics with a specific project in mind. But life happens, seasons change, children grow up, so many reasons why you never made that project. After 35 years I built up an enormous stash, but there's never anything in it for my next project. I'm thinking of donating it to a school to use for their art projects.

  3. Oh dear, so you will have to go fabric shopping! :)
    But in the meantime, this dress is looking pretty good.

  4. That dress is looking very good. Buy new fabrics?!?! HECK, YEAH!!!

  5. Bin up those 'past prime but may be useful' fabrics and send to the garage...with caveat...if, after two years you have not lifted the lid, off to your favorite donation site.
    Just putting those fabrics in another place is good for your sewing mojo.
    I like how the dress front band is showcasing a great line.
    You have a good eye.

  6. And what's wrong with that! That's how my sewing table looks! *LOL* Good luck with the dress, I'm sure it will be fine.

    About your fabric collection, the same thing happened to me about a dozen years ago when I stopped sewing for my daughters. I had soooooo many kid fabrics in various age categories that I ended up donating to others and Goodwill. My collection is now better coordinated, to last not just now but for when I retire too!

  7. Well, I just want to say that your "make it work" lazy sewing on your worst day still looks better than my best sewing!

  8. This dress is looking so good. Yes, stashes can age beyond usefulness and I understand you dilemma. Go shopping and enjoy the ride!

  9. Store the stash, then hit the shops - grab some new lengths and sew up a storm ... J

  10. That's a great pair of shorts.
    I love the dress and I can't wait to see it finished, those colors are perfect.

  11. That's going to be a great dress!

  12. I like how your dress is progressing.

  13. I like the looks of this. There are plenty of patterns for that style in knits but I'm intrigued by the woven. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

    I am unreasonably attached to my stash. It is kind of a handicap because I can't get rid of anything, even though seriously I am probably at SABLE at 39.


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