Sunday, September 8, 2013

Take 2

While the patterns (Butterick 5429 and Simp 2185) were still out, I went ahead and made another 2-piece "dress." This time I added the flounces to the skirt. I figured they would be mostly lost in the print in case I hated them but would still add swish and movement. I do like them. Per the pattern, they are single-layer and raw-edged but hang in such a way that the wrong side of the fabric barely shows. In other words, a quick/easy addition to the skirt. Can't beat that.

This skirt has definitely moved into my top 3 knit skirt patterns so I should probably leave the pattern out a little while longer. I like how it fits closely at the hips even though it has an elastic waist (I changed it from a casing to a serge/turn) and then flows into a swishy bottom. Treena had commented on the first skirt that (paraphrasing) she wouldn't want to sew all those curved seams in the panels. Don't be afraid ... in a knit, it's a breeze. You barely know you're sewing a curve. And the pattern notches are spot on if you want a little more guidance.

I was stupid when cutting out the top, though. I have the pattern marked to add an inch to the bottom when cutting but for some reason I completely spaced. I decided to add a hem band to make up the needed length and to create a blouson effect so this top wouldn't be *exactly* like the last one. It's hard to see on Zillie through the print, but it hangs differently on my body/hips. Once I get pics of me in the new outfit, you'll see.

In my last post, I mentioned the pattern keeper ziplock bags I use for my patterns. I used to buy them from Nancy's Notions, about 50 at time. But they've discontinued them. Boo. I knew Clotilde used to sell the same bags but with their logo instead of NNs. I had received one or two as a sample on a past order, so I wasn't imagining it. Well, the Clotilde company has been bought out by Annie's and the Clotilde website redirects to Annie's. I found this out when needing to order more bags. Since NN didn't have them, I decided to give the Annie's bags a try thinking they'd be the same. They are functional but they are definitely not the same and are of much lesser quality. I found other possibilities after a Google search and might try something else when I'm ready for more. In the meantime, here's the link to Annie's. I'm not affiliated and theirs are definitely NOT the same as the Clotilde pic you'll see at the Annie's link. Kind of misleading. 

Can you see the pocket outside the bag?

Finally, for Meredith ... here's the link to the PR discussion that inspired my last post:

ETA: I've been checking out new blog posts and it's amusing (in a good way!) to see that my questions post inspired your own posts.


  1. That "dress" is absolutely gorgeous. You get the nicest of fabrics. I will have to check out those patterns.

  2. I have seen bags like this (this concept anyway) used at my doctor's surgery. They use them for samples (eg blood or other bodily fluids ) and put the sample (in a screw top jar usually) in the main ziplocked pocket, and the instructions for the pathology lab in the outer (unsealed) pocket. I wonder if I can find where they might be available and what sizes they come in!

  3. I just stuff my patterns into ziplock gallon storage bags, I didn't even know they made pattern storage bags!

  4. Love your new outfit! I store all my used patterns in Ziploc gallon / quart size bags. That way I can save the original uncut pattern along with my traced pattern and a piece of fabric from each make.

  5. Fabulous dress, Debbie. Thanks for the link on the bags.

  6. A friend of mine recently ordered from the Fabric Fairy, and her fabric arrived in a ziploc-type bag with a pocket on the outside.

    I emailed her and she sent me the product link:

    They seem a little spendy, but they're of wonderful quality and have been holding up quite nicely. I use them for commercial patterns and for my self-drafted patterns. It's nice to have the pocket on the outside for the photo and instructions.

    Just thought I'd share. :)

  7. Love, love, love your tops with this pattern, so happy I was able to find the larger size in it to stash until the planets align and I try to fit it.Definitely want to try it next summer and a skirt.

  8. Love the fabric in this version! Yes, those 2 patterns belong in your TNT list.

  9. Really like your latest version! And thanks for the link to that discussion. Very interesting, and I never would have found it. :-)


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