Monday, November 6, 2006

Two Birds With One Photo

I look like I have somewhere to go, don't I? Nope. Just another SAHM day, emphasis on the SAH part. But it's nice to swish around the house even if no one's here to see.

This is the finished top from yesterday, along with the skirt I made and blogged about here and here. The review for the top is on PatternReview here.

Next up is something with this brown stretch bengaline. Pants. But I'm not sure which pattern yet.

But first, a bit of housework and other drudgery.


  1. You look great Debbie! I love the whole look. I think I can duplicate that top with a KS pattern I made last summer. . .

  2. Wow, Debbie, fantastic looking outfit. You need your dh to tak you out on the town tonight.

  3. You emulate the SAHM look I want. Gorgeous top Debbie and superb fabric choice!!!

  4. I am loving that latest top Debbie and because of you and that wonderful fit I am now hunting down a June 2005 Burda which I am sure I have somewhere in my dungeon.

  5. You know Debbi, I have been wanting to make that top since I bought that Burda (I don't get every issue, only when I can afford it). But I too have been thinking about doing it in a knit, since I do not think it would be comfortable in a woven. I was worried though about a too low neckline. And I know I would need to do a FBA. You have inspired me. Maybe I am going to give it a try after all. Natalija


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