Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Assembly Line

I'm happy to report that the Ottobre patterns are alive and well. ;-)

The reason I had them out to begin with was for a marathon PJ sewing session on Sunday. Needing to piece together and re-trace slowed me down a bit though and I didn't get all the PJs done on Sunday. I finished everything except waistbands for the pants by Monday night and this morning I completed those. I now have a selection of new pajamas to choose from at bedtime tonight (and tomorrow, and the day after!).

First up, a rayon/Lycra turquoise and green jersey print top with turquoise interlock pants and matching turquoise binding on the neckline. While I was re-tracing patterns Sunday morning, I also traced the 3/4 sleeves.

To wear with this top, green interlock pants:

Here's a close-up of the sleeve vent (coverstitched, of course!) for the 3/4 sleeve.

Pink/white rib pants, white jersey with matching print sleeves and neck binding. I have PJ pants from this same print but they have seen better days. Now I can toss them. And I still have enough left for one more pair in the future. Why did I buy so much of this?? It must've been really cheap. (And yes, it is, but just fine for PJs.)

Blue rib print with coordinating periwinkle rib top, neckline and sleeve hems bound with the print.

And a 3/4 sleeve top from the same print:

Close-up of the neckline binding and sleeve vent:

All tops are the gathered front tee from Ottobre Woman 02/2007. I added an extra inch in length to the tops since I like longer tops for sleeping. All pants are Kwik Sew 2779. KS 2779 is a no-sideseam pattern for knits. It takes very little fabric and with only one pattern piece it sews up in a flash.

I goofed when cutting some of the tops because I wasn't paying attention to my notes on my tracing. The short story is some of the necklines are wider than intended. But no problem on PJs since I won't be wearing a bra with them anyway. In other words, no worries about straps peeking out. I caught my mistake about halfway through cutting so some are as intended and a couple are not.

All fabrics are from stash so it was nice to put a dent into it. I still have quite a few fabrics earmarked for PJs that are taking up room so maybe after the holidays, I'll do another PJ marathon. You'd think this would be enough, but much of my current "wardrobe" of PJs is looking rather worn and I like to have a new pair for every night without needing to do laundry more than once a week.

Up next is more Christmas sewing. I think I'll do the scrub for my sister before starting in on mom's purse.


  1. Debbie - those PJs are great! Since I'm living in PJs these days, I should make some myself. Thank you for the constant inspiration :) g

  2. I love your PJ wardrobe!! Love all the colors and all the combos. I will be looking for that KS pattern.

  3. I love all those pjs!

  4. Very cool! I'm thinking about making myself new PJs after I get Christmas sewing done. This is a good inspiration!

  5. Oh I am jealous of your new night wardrobe! My stuff looks terrible and I never even think of making myself something perty. Thanks for the reminder that it's nice to have fabulous "evening wear", too!

  6. "I like to have a new pair for every night without needing to do laundry more than once a week." That's sure a North American way of wearing clothes, eh!! My raised-in-Holland DH always looks GREAT but wears his clothes-both day & nightwear--until I get bored and hide them!! (Changes only boxers daily.) So, not much laundry to do around here!!
    Enjoy your PJ's, Debbie!!

  7. pajama party at Debbie's house! (smacks you all with fluffy feather pillow!)

  8. You will be best dressed sleeping woman in Florida. Very pretty PJ's.

  9. Love all the PJ's!
    Wish I could get away with doing laundry only once a week!

  10. I SO need to replace some "antique" pjs in my wardrobe! I'm thinking of the knits in my stash - yes, I could probably come up with a couple of sets! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. How many pajamas does a woman need?

  12. How many days are there between laundry days?


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