Thursday, December 6, 2007

Loungewear Factory

All of the machines are whirring away today. I've got the embroidery unit going on my FIL's shirt:

While that machine is embroidering, I used the serger and coverstitch machines to put together the sleeves and back of his shirt, Kwik Sew 2561:

This pullover from the NFL store is my inspiration:

And it dawned on me that the Tampa Bay Bucs are basically the same colors so DH is getting a shirt too from the fabric leftovers. The beginnings of his is laid out on the table waiting its turn in the production line. I think I'll use an iron-on for his instead of embroidering. First, I don't think I have the patience to make another logo and then sit and watch another big embroidery stitch out and second, he's really hard on clothes and it would irk me to see all that time end up as a yardwork shirt. ;-) Except, hmmm. I just remembered I already have the Bucs logo digitized. This is a hoodie I made for DS#2 a few years (and inches) back. Decisions, decisions.

Dani is feeling almost back to her self today, as you can see by her checking out the trash basket for something fun to dig out and carry off. She's still moving slower and is napping a lot, but the devilish gleam is definitely back in her eyes. Heaven help us. ;-)


  1. I'm so happy that Dani is feeling better. She looks like she's aware of - and interested in exploring her surroundings again.

  2. Hugs for Dani. She will soon be as good as

    Debbie, I think you need a second sewing machine, but you know that too, don't you!

    Ever the Enabler

  3. I am glad Dani is better. She is such a cutie!

    Spoil your husband and go for the embroidery. I like the way it looks on your son's shirt.

  4. Hey! That men's shirt is awesome! In fact, I was so happy because that KS pattern is actually in my stash. After looking at yours, I think I'll revisit it and get my embroidery machine going too. Except that every time I read your blog, it reminds me of how much I want to get a better serger too. It would be great to trade mine in instead of spending money to service it.

  5. So glad the pup is recovering well!

    The shirt and pants are awesome. My youngest DS is a Redskins fan too and would love it if I could figure out how to digitize the logo like you did!

    I'll have to get out my software manual and see what I can do!

    Great job.



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