Monday, December 17, 2007

Groovy Scrub

One more gift is done on the to-make list. This is another scrub top for my sister using Kwik Sew 3201.

In the past, I've had questions about how I do the neckline so I took some pics while making this one.

In this pic, the two neckband strips (the polka-dot fabric) are sewn together at the bottom of the vee, which you can see in the second pic below. The vee of the neckline has been staystitched and clipped per the pattern instructions, and the seam allowances for the entire neckline are pressed under. The neckband strips are laying under the neckline, stuck in place with Collins Wonder Tape. (Remember to click the photos to enlarge them.)

This is the wrong side of the pic above. You can see the stitching at the intersection of the neckbands. No stitching to attach the neckbands to the neckline has been done yet.

To attach the neckbands, I serge the raw edges of each neckband strip and corresponding neckline seam allowance, one at a time, moving the body of the top out of the way so that only the straight edge of the neckbands and neckline pass through the serger.

After the two passes through the serger, I turn the top to the right side and press the seam allowances toward the body of the top. I then topstitch the neckline, catching the overlocked/pressed seam allowances as I do so. I also stitch a diamond at the bottom of the neckbands to hold the cross-over together.

Not much to it, eh? But I find it a lot easier this way than to align dot marks at the points, pin, etc., etc.

Tomorrow, more baking, working on my brother-in-law's shirt, and boxing up some things for a Post Office pick-up.


  1. Ohhhh, I like this a lot!!! The neck facing is interesting. I'll read more about it when I finish typing.

    I am disliking the NEW KwikSew site a whole heap! What were they thinking all those pale colours!!!

  2. this is so cute! I love your finishing too.

  3. That application certainly looks easier than the old right sides together routine. Your sister must be the talk of the .... scrub room! Great top.

  4. I like your explanation of how you do the V-neck. I hated the way my McCalls pattern did it, then finally bought a Simplicity pattern and did it basically the same way as you but without the wonder tape. to try some of that wonder tape!

  5. Cute scrub top! The ones I've made for my SIL has the same "v" neck and sometimes it's tricky to do, but they've always turned out (thankfully). I love the contrast fabric, that is what I'm doing next time. I'm sure your sis will love her new top!

  6. Debbie, I can't thank you enough for this mini tutorial. I like V necks, but have never yet made a nice one and have been getting paranoid about continuing to try. Your method is so much wrinkly lumps at the base of the V!!!

    Many Thanks
    Leslie in NZ


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