Sunday, December 2, 2007

The "O" Tops In Progress

The second Onion top is almost done. I have to sew the sideseams, hems, and add the buttons. But I'm taking a break from finishing it because I need to run up to Joann's to pick up the new upper knife for my serger that I ordered last week. Yep, after 5+ years, I finally managed to run over a pin and it wasn't pretty. Overlocking still works fine but cutting through thick layers doesn't. It was fun (not!) finishing up the seams of my brown jeans last week. While I'm there, I'm going to look at buttons for this top. I haven't decided if I want brown, or beige like the background of the print. I'll probably get both and decide while looking at the top on my dressform. And yes. Yet another top for me with a brown neckband or binding. ;-)

While cutting the Onion top, I also cut a new Ottobre gathered front tee with plain short sleeves. This is it below. (It won't have brown binding!)

The fabric is from Melody (my cutting table inspiration) of Fashionista Fabrics. I ordered it from FF last Wednesday and had it on Friday. That's fast service! I really like the fabrics I ordered so I'm hoping Melody will keep adding to her inventory and feeding my addiction ;-) … although there are still a few nice earthtone prints (my favorites) in stock that are also whispering my name.

Speaking of my cutting table, Nancy asked in the comments if I had photos of it finished. She must've missed that entry, but no problem … here it is. Oh, and she also asked about my jeans pattern. It's OOP Simplicity 4068.

And Blogger still hasn't fixed the photo download dialog box problem. Grrr. There's supposedly a workaround but I'm too lazy. So if you want to enlarge the photos from the last couple of days you'll have to click Open on that dialog box.


  1. Again, just love that fabric. I vote for beige or turq buttons. Next up, turq jeans?

  2. Cute tops, Debbie. I have the coffee bean fabric from Fashionista, it is wonderful.

  3. Doesn't Melody have some great fabric! I have two amazing pieces from her that I haven't used yet...they haven't made it to the top of sewing queue yet and I too have my eyes on several other pieces.

    As usual the top is great but I wouldn't expect any less from you Debbie!


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