Monday, December 31, 2007

No Happy Pants Here

That pic just cracks me up. Alex looks so mad and it's a totally fake face he's making, just because the camera was out. But it *is* an actual representation of how he feels about Simplicity 3891.

Did I mention earlier that I was going to sew for me again? Well, scratch that. I couldn't get motivated on starting a project for me and well, I've been wanting to try this Simplicity pattern for my guys. Too bad the pants are ridiculously baggy since they had some promising design features that you never find in the meager offerings for men's patterns.

I don't think I've ever made a muslin for anything I've sewn for the men in the family. But something told me to do so for these pants. Maybe it was the 27+" hem circumference?? Sheesh. Yep, the legs are as wide as that hem measurement indicates. And much too wide to be taken seriously by my teenage son. I'm so glad I didn't just plunge right in with the good fabric.

There's also something going on with the back besides just too much leg width. Yes, Alex has definitely inherited his mother's ample derriere, but these pants make it look more like a woman's rear end than anything else I've ever seen him wearing. That just ain't right, and no, I'm not going to tell him I said this. Nevermind that I said it for the entire world to read. LOL!

But seriously, as I was cutting out the pattern tissue, I was already thinking that the curvy shape of the hip/waist looked more like a woman's pattern than any other men's pattern I've seen or made. Now I know why.

I could alter the heck out of this pattern and end up with something wearable or I could just make a note of the knee pleats, keep the pockets that I liked and toss the rest. Guess which is my first choice? ;-)

Although I keep looking at the rear view pic and wondering if maybe *I* should try on the muslin …


  1. I have been disappointed in the Big 4 men's patterns. They have even less quality than the women's. I have had some luck with Burda.

  2. Seems to me like maybe Simplicity might be good at women's patterns and got lazy and just tried to morph a good woman's pattern into a man's one, thinking here's a quick profit. Your intuition was spot on. Happy New Year.

  3. Happy New Year! Sorry to hear about the Simplicity pattern turned out to be a dud. I know you had hope it would be otherwise. Well at least you now know. :)

  4. "I keep looking at the rear view pic and wondering if maybe *I* should try on the muslin"
    LOL!!! Too Funny!!
    Middle dd bought ds a pair of nike "shorts" for Christmas. Even ds said: "those look huge", and sure enough, they are huge. When I asked him why he didn't just exchange them for a smaller size, his reply was "Well, I took the tag off already"! I'm telling you, I'll bet they were 27" also!!!
    Happy New Year. It's not really 3 am here BTW.

  5. Wow Debbie, those pants don't work at all. Thanks for the heads up on this pattern since I have it in my stash for the DS. His bum isn't quite as full either so they are sure not to work.


  6. my son makes the same faces! poor good patterns for them.


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