Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear

(Apologies to Clement Moore)

Just around the corner, almost within walking distance from the job I'm ambivalent about is this:

And around the corner from that is an independent home dec fabric store. Is it a sign? LOL!

The interview went very well. The job would be OK, I really liked the boss-person and I'm sure she liked me too. I *don't* like the commute, however, so if I am offered the job, I'll need to think hard about it. But I can see lunch breaks maybe making up for that. ;-)

So, after the interview, of course I had to stop in and browse buy. Each of these was only $2.95 per yard. The two prints are sheer poly and will be short-sleeved blouses of some sort. The solid in the middle is a taupe?/olive?/brown? poly/cotton gabardine and will coordinate with everything I've made/bought recently. It has a wonderful hand and feels like it will last a long time. I bought 7 yards, enough for a jacket, pants and a skirt. (Stop smirking Carolyn!)

This particular Hancock's is not the one I usually went to, before Hancock's closed all but this last store in the Tampa area. The woman cutting the fabrics actually sews and was talking garment sewing while she cut. How refreshing, especially compared to that meh Joann's that's more local to me. Maybe I'd even get a sewing buddy with a new job. LOL!

I sewed this top yesterday. It's another make of Simplicity 4122, but I lowered the neckline/yoke so it would be cooler (temperature-wise) to wear. I think I'll be able to wear this one in an office, at least on casual Fridays if nothing else.

To change the neckline, I just measured an equal distance down from the pattern neckline all around and cut away, after first photocopying the pattern pieces.

Tonight will be a button sewing session, for this top and my Ottobre blouse. I'm using these buttons from Carolyn for the Simplicity top. They're clear with white speckles, and have a dimple in the middle. I think they're perfect. Thank you again dear Carolyn!

Regarding all the comments to save the "clown" top. Thank you, but, um, no. LOL! I actually like ruffles and this style is OK, just not with this particular fabric. I look down and all I see is a bright splash of ruffle. It just doesn't work for me with this fabric. I'd never like wearing it. Yes, I could remove the ruffle and bind the neckline but this has been a UFO for a few years now and I'm just not motivated to do anything with it. Plus, the fabric is pure poly and unlike some of the nice polyesters available these days, this one just feels suffocating even when it's still on the hanger. I'll hem it and donate it. One day.


  1. Great fabric. I like the lower neckline. These days even looking at a high neckline makes me hot!

  2. Oh what a wonderful thing to have a Hancock's and a home dec store for a lunch break thing to do. Even if due to the commute it does not work out,you found a Hancock's when there is something you might want or a sale.
    I think getting the extra yardage is a good idea as the pieces will give you lots of options. I love the new prints as well. I am glad your interview and fabric mclunch went well. mssewcrazy

  3. Lucky the commute isn't good or I'd say you were totally doomed. :) Glad you had a nice fabric shopping day. I'm sure it helped take your mind off the interview pantyhose.

  4. I am really liking this top, the lower neckline and the fabric. A Hancock's is such a bonus for the job, could you get a fabric allowance in your benefits package?

  5. Coincidence? I think not! lol Wow, I wish I'd had a fabric shop near my last job. Lunch was boring to me. :(


  6. I think I have the green fabric, but I bought it at Jo-Ann's. I'd love to see what you make from it.

    If you don't like the clown top, you don't like it. We don't have to wear it so do what you feel like doing with it.

  7. Did you know that there are also 2 very small independent fabric stores on Dale Mabry? Or am I causing trouble telling you that?

  8. Boo hoo hoo. I miss my Hancock Fabrics. The nearest one is now 100 miles away. Boo hoo hoo. Love the new fabrics, and the top you made. Machine hem the top and donate it. Someone will love it. And they won't think of Ringling ;)

  9. I love the top, especially the sleeves!

    Any job news yet? What type of jobs are you applying for, I missed that if you've said.

  10. That top is adorable- and the lower neckline just perfect!

  11. Oh, oh!! That new job choice will really COST ya!! Tee! Hee!
    I really LIKE the clown top pattern... Do you have a # handy??
    Rhonda in Montreal

  12. I'm just glad that you are using and enjoying the buttons! And the clear ones work great with that top!!!

  13. Debbie, I have (had) a piece of that green and brown fabric. Made a Hot Patterns blouse gone bad with it and donated away. You will love a top from it!


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