Friday, June 13, 2008

Blouses Done

The short-sleeved ivory Ottobre blouse finally has buttons.

Here it is as part of an ensemble. You'd think by looking at this pic that I had actually turned the dress into a skirt, but …

… no. It's still a badly fitting dress (trust me, it's worse than it looks here). Even though I've been putting it on/off over my head, today it finally dawned on me that it has a back zipper. Which will have to be dealt with if I do turn it into a skirt. Sigh. And look at that flip-flop tan on my feet already. I'm going to have to sit outside barefoot this weekend to get rid of those lines. LOL!

This is what I'd rather be wearing instead of heels and those torturous pantyhose. And, in fact, I'm wearing it right now. Very comfortable and perfect for a hot and humid day. Well, except for when Dani jumped up on me and planted a nice dark mud spot on my leg.

I really like the top and I'm glad to have something else to wear with the coral capris. The other version of this top matches the capris *too* well (think Giant Pumpkin), so I wear that one with denim or khaki capris or a skirt.

I started pattern work on a Butterick jacket. Hopefully, I'll finish alterations and a muslin tonight and be ready to cut and sew tomorrow, around the dog park and other errands. I think having to squeeze all of my boring "duties" into the weekends is what is going to suck most about going to work. Plus, I hate crowds and that's all there is at the stores on weekends. But enough rambling/ranting. It could always be worse. Much worse.


  1. I love all the outfits you've pictured in this post. Beautiful colors and print...looks great on you. You're doing a great job cranking out all your outfits...Susan

  2. Debbie, great job on all the sewing, you have been very busy.

  3. And what else would Dani have to do, except to give you a nice mud spot? Love all your projects!

  4. Debbie those outfits look great. My only comment is that although I do understand the comfort factor, you look much much better in the skirts/dresses than in the capris =).

  5. Great outfits, lovely colors! I love the flip-flop tan.

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