Saturday, June 14, 2008

Butterick Jacket

No new pics, because the camera wasn't upstairs when I was trying on the muslin and, well, it's a lazy Saturday, right?

To refresh, the pattern I'm using is this one, Butterick 4818:

If you like it, buy it. It's going to be a winner. I do have some alterations to do, but nothing out of the ordinary. I need a slight FBA, maybe 5/8 - 1". Hey, that's slight for me. But I think this pattern is drafted for a large C or D cup and I could probably get away without an FBA but doing the FBA will make it perfect, especially since I plan on wearing this jacket by itself and closed. I will have to move the bust point down, which means re-marking the waist dart too. Not a big deal, but Butterick should draft in this size range for less perky girls IMO.

Other alterations needed: Tuck out waist length in the back, let out CB seam over the derriere, re-mark back waist darts, add to hips at sideseams, and square shoulder (done when I cut it out). None of these are unexpected and they won't take long. I haven't done the sleeve yet, but I'm sure I'll need to expand it at the bicep as usual, but not too much as the flat measurement is close.

I'll be using this floral fabric that I showed you in an earlier post:

Also on the weekend agenda is some shoe shopping. Shoes/sandals that I can wear without pantyhose, once I have a job. If you've seen any on Zappos or another free shipping internet source that aren't too high or too expensive, feel free to offer suggestions. I'd rather do the online thing, but I haven't seen any that fit the bill yet.

Oh, and I need to get some shoulder pads for the jacket. I noticed that Joann's actually had a TON of shoulder pads the last time I was there. Hopefully, there hasn't been a mad rush on them.


  1. Debbie,

    Ok, so I have fitting issues with shorts, lol, but shoes I know, :).

    I saw your tan lines and I get them too. I do not wear the flip flops up on my arches like you, but like the comfortable "mom" flip flops, my favorites are Born brand, and look like teeny little flip flops the teenagers wear, but have support and are comfy. Those would help with your tan lines, I got mine at DSW.

    For work shoes without hose, have you converted??? I love Rockport dressy sandals, they are plain and tailored, come in neutral colors, and soooo comfy to wear, plus the bottom of sole is rubber, so they do not slide like some dressy sandals do. I have these in black brown and nude. I bought them locally, but this is a great price.

    I prefer no strap around my ankle, so I look for styles that do not have that, while looking for a pic of mine, I came across these
    which I think I will have to order. :). I also like naturalizer, and life stride for dressy sandals that are not torturous.

    My criteria are, that I can easily slip them off under my desk(and back on quickly too), the heels are moderately high, they have a tailored look(not too night on the town), they are comfortable, I do not slip when walking in them, and my feet stay in(I don't like to walk out of my shoes). I also look for neutral colors, which it seems you do too, but I do have an orange pair and a lime green pair, as I have alot of print skirts with these particular colors in them.

    Ok, that was a long comment, sorry. I hope you find some shoes that work for you. BTW, if you have Ross near you, I have seen some nice sandals there from time to time, I got my orange bandalino one's there. Macy's and Dillards have Rockport, and where I live Naturalizer has a storefront in the mall(weekdays early is the best time to avoid the crowd).

    Good Luck,

    Crystal in Phoenix
    hcrystalaz on PR

  2. That will be pretty together. Good sandals are hard to come by.

  3. Wow, I just found your blog and I'm so impressed. You are so talented and I wanna be too!!! :0)

    I'm juts beginning to sew and I love it. I would eventually like to be able to make my own things but it's scary getting started,

    Oh yea, just wanted to say, BRAVO!!

  4. Hi! I've been lurking around and reading for a while - your blog is great! It's reassuring to hear that others don't fit patterns out of the envelope too, and the details you give on your fittings are great.

    For your shoes, if you're looking for a great online shoe source, try - it's Amazon's new shoe store. I love it - you can search by brand, type of shoe, heel height and color (my favorite!). Even better, a lot of the shoes have overnight shipping for free! Almost instant gratification! I think they have a sandal sale going on right now, so it might be worth checking out.

    Good luck and I can't wait to see your finished jacket!

  5. Glad to see that Butterick jacket is working out. I picked it up at the last sale for my pattern stash!

  6. I'll be eager how the Butterick blazer turns out. I snapped it up for my pattern stash a while back. I think it's a good classic jacket to add to a wardrobe. If I remember correctly, its also unlined, which makes it great for summer. Those are hard to find.

    I love the way that you've found "your colors" that are flattering, and the way you use them to coordinate your wardrobe. I'll have to determine which are the most flattering for me and do the same. I think I know what one of them is. It's what we used to call avocado green, which is essentially unavailable these days. :(


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