Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Ironing Board Cover

I did it, and before bedtime like I was planning. Yay! I actually feel productive for today.

The fabric is not really me for wearing, but it makes a pretty good ironing board cover and the green in it actually matches the walls. Even if I had been able to find a cover in the stores, it still would've been some hideous color or print that wouldn't match my sewing room so this is a win-win all around. (What is it with those hideous prints anyway?)

I started by "re-purposing" this big Husqvarna ironing pad I've had forever but never used. I think it came with my sewing machine or some accessory kit I bought. I can't remember. It has a solid heat resistant side that I laid over my ironing board and traced onto from underneath with a Sharpie. I forgot to take a "Before pic, so this is "After" I cut out my tracing. Obviously. ;-)

Here's the heat resistant side. After I cut it out, I separated the heat resistant layer from the padding to use as my pattern.

I folded it in half and cut around it with a rotary cutter and arm, adding about a 1.5" seam allowance as I cut.

I serged 1/4" elastic around the edge of my new cover with my serger's elasticator foot. Yes, Cidell, this is a perfect use for that foot — thank you very much! The serger thread left in the machine from the last project even coordinated.

And voila! I was done. I put the padding layers onto the board on top of the old covers and pads and then put the new cover over all of that. I always keep adding on top. The more padding, the better. LOL!

I have enough of this fabric for at least two more covers and my "custom" pattern is now on stand-by. No more searching the stores for a cover that fits.

Start to finish, it really did take only about 30-40 minutes. I should've done this months ago.


  1. Oh cool! Gosh, that reminds me that my ironing board cover looks like it survived a fire, lol. I should do one too.

    I bought an ironing pad a bit ago, but it wasn't nearly that size. I got it so I could put it on top of my cutting table and just iron right on it. But I like how you were able to put it as part of the cover, it makes more sense that way.


  2. About those hideous prints...after all the time I've spent lately hanging out in emergency rooms and hospitals, I've come to believe that there's an "ugly fabric" factory somewhere, cranking out drab, depressing, cheap looking fabric for curtains, hospital gowns, etc. So maybe they supply the ironing board cover manufacturers as well.

  3. Excellent job! Now do you want to do one for moi? I also have a sleeve board in desperate need of a new cover too. LOL! While mine isn't as worn as yours, like you I have been putting it off for months. My excuse is I don't have any suitable fabric. Of course I never go to fabric shops where I could buy fabric, like this morning. [cough,cough]

  4. oh mess! I don't have that special Foot for my serger,, alas, I will have to go buy a new iron board cover
    your came out great, SIGH!

  5. Looks great Debbie, want to make one for me, too? I have a hole in mine from setting the iron down while moving my garment! I will have to get an elastic foot for my serger, that looks quite handy.

  6. That is too cool! A sewer SHOULD have a sylish iron board cover, after all. I remember Cidell's and filed it in the back of my brain to do, too. One of these days.....

  7. I love your new cover and the floral fabric. I have a table top ironing board that I need to re-cover. As a matter of fact, I also need to add more padding. What fabric did you use for the cover? It is cotton?

  8. Does anyone else have the problem that their cover seems to shrink as the use it? For example, the last cover that I bought, seemed to be plenty big when I put it on my ironing board, but then as time went on it did the same thing the LAST one did . . . slid and moved so that I'm constantly pulling the sides back down around the sides of the ironing board. Makes for really difficult ironing. Aaaaargh! So, I think they use ugly, cheap, unshrunk (is that a word?) fabric to make these covers. I'm thinking that if it has happened to me at least twice, it has to have happened to others, and I'm wondering why women haven't revolted. The other thing is, is that they say not to wash the covers - but mine gets dirty.
    I'm curious as to why you took the heat resistant layer off the pad, though. I assume you left it off???

  9. Isn't it always that you figure out the project you procrastinated over the longest is the easiest? Great print for the ironing board cover!

  10. I've been meaning to ask... do you think the elasticator will work well for underwear elastic too? I'm thinking of making my own over the holiday.

    Gosh. I really need to do my sleeveboard too. Your board looks great!

  11. Your ironing board cover looks great. I wouldn't classify that fabric as hideous. I like it. I notice you have one of those guide thingies on your rotary cutter. I stripped the threads on the plastic screw that holds the guide in place the first time I tried to use it. And they look so handy... [Sniff]

  12. I have been looking for a rotary cutter with an arm for over a year. What brand is it? Is there an online source?

    Best wishes,

  13. Well, aren't you clever! Next, please figure out how to make a cover that is really padded well but is breathable (instead of the heat resistent backing). I absolutely hate feeling the board through the fabric I am ironing, but I also hate 'soggy' ironing with steam!
    I think the covers shrink because they are 100% cotton and, well, with all the steam and heat, shrinkamundo!!!

  14. Wow, that is the best looking ironing board I've seen. Snaaaaazzzzzy.

  15. Looks good! I like that it has elastic instead of a drawstring. It's always so hard to get a snug fit with a drawstring.

  16. Looks great......hey didn't you have a job interview yesterday? how did it go?


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