Saturday, June 7, 2008


(Thank God It's Saturday!)

Whew! What a week. No, no job yet (but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a couple of possibilities.) Just a lot of running around and a lot of wearing pantyhose when it's 95 degrees outside, with summer humidity levels starting to kick in. That alone wears me out. LOL!

The Diana capris stalled because I had it in my frazzled brain that I needed a D ring for the side pocket before I could make much progress. Why I was thinking that, I have no idea since the front pockets, fly, back yoke, and all the topstitching of same needed to be done before I could even think about the attaching the side pocket. Plus, I had to sew the actual pocket and flap, and topstitch them. IOW, at least half the construction. Then I thought I had a D ring around here somewhere but I couldn't find it, which meant a trip to Joann's, which I didn't feel like making after a long day out in pantyhose. It turned into a vicious cycle until last night when I finally made it to Joann's for the D ring, and a suitable button.

Of course, while at Joann's I sat down at the pattern books and looked through them too because as we all know, when we're not sewing, we're buying sewing stuff.

Here's the result of my shopping trip and a couple of pics of the capris in process.

The Pocket. This is going to be a PITN to attach straight because the pintucks make it 3D and poofy. I'm hoping some Wonder Tape and/or glue helps with that.

This is the back yoke, which is pieced. Another feature of these capris that I like.

The D rings and buttons, both silver.

Butterick 4818. This is the same model that Butterick used for the 4877 skirt I just made which fits so well and that pretty face and curvy-curves suckered me in for this jacket. ;-) But I do like the pattern, especially the short-sleeved version for summer. (BTW, if you like that skirt pattern, it's probably time to buy it since it was pushed to the small pictures section at the back of the Plus patterns.)

Butterick 5052. This is a Connie Crawford pattern, which I swore I wouldn't buy any more of. But I've always liked the vest in this one and so I decided to cave in and give it a try. But I'm already again not liking the CC pattern line because (1) the construction sheet is missing the line drawings of the pattern pieces and (2) mentions that there are different pattern pieces for the different envelope sizes and without the line drawings I can't see those differences. Plus, not that I care about the skirt, but the stylized drawing of the wrap skirt does not match the actual pattern.

(I hope that Butterick doesn't get rid of all of their other Plus patterns in favor of CC patterns because all of the new additions are horrible, shapeless sacks.)

McCall's 5395. Another jacket with an option for short sleeves. I like the deep vee front, princess lines and two-piece long sleeves.

McCall's 5665. Generally a muu-muu tent-y thing but something about the shorter view in the lower right tells me this will probably be very comfortable for summer weekends here during the Florida summers.

I also had some more McCall's and Simplicities in hand, but decided against them for now. So I did show a bit of restraint. ;-)

Side Note: A few of you have asked where to find the Diana pattern magazine. The one I'm using is German and I bought it last year on Ebay from the seller Stoff-Art. Diana doesn't have an English version, although I think there's a French version with a different name that's escaping me at the moment.


  1. Debbie, I bought that Connie Crawford pattern for the vest, too. I intend to pair it with an 8 gore skirt. Do the CC patterns at least fit well?

  2. The details on that pocket are very nice. Will be a very special pair of capris.

  3. Your capris are going to be so awesome!

  4. The French version is called Elena Couture. But it's not easy to find either! I looked for both after seeing your last post about the pants -- nothing doing.

  5. What a cool pocket. It hit 98 degrees here today and I thought I was going to melt.

  6. It may be poofy but that is one cool pocket!

  7. I like that pocket detail. Will make a very nice pair of capris.
    The Knip Mode and the Patrones I have bought have been from the same e bay seller. Sometimes they have Diana too. I made up a search listing the magazines and occasionally one will appear.

  8. I meant to say, can you fit them without having to compensate for any wonky drafting problems.


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