Monday, June 9, 2008

A New Week

Thank you everyone for the nice comments on the Diana capris. Unfortunately, I hated them more and more as the day went on. They just don't feel good. I wadded them up and tossed them into the laundry bin in a fit of disgust. LOL!

This morning, I put on a pair of my TNT capris (the embroidered coral pair) that I still love now as much as when I finished them. Then I dug out the new capris and tried them on again. After some pinching, pulling, and pinning, I'm optimistic I can at least get them comfortable even if perfect fit is beyond this pair. But it means ripping out a lot of stitching and topstitching, then taking in the CB seam and waistband, and restitching/topstitching. But I will do it because I want these to feel good so I'll actually wear them. And somewhere I hear my mother laughing because it used to be her "job" to do this for any pair of RTW jeans bought for me as a teenager. Even in my thin days I always had a very curvy shape and if pants fit my butt, they were huge at my waist.

For those that asked, my TNT pattern is the OOP Simplicity 4068, pictured here. Yes, I know I should stick with that pattern and I mostly do. But sometimes I'm seduced and I just want to try a different pattern because, well, you never know. And the tee is from last summer, coincidentally also from that same issue of Diana but copied with my patternmaking software.

I purposely don't have anything job-related scheduled for the next few days as I need to get DS#2 ready for football camp (laundry, shopping, packing). But I'm also going to spend some of that time sewing. I'm going to cut out a pair of TNT capris and maybe sew them, fix the Diana capris, and rework the neckline of Simp 4122 to be much lower and definitely sew that.

Now if you'd like to see some beautifully fitting and flattering jeans, check out MaryBeth's latest, here. Love them! … And hate them, because I'm again tempted to veer outside the TNT pattern and I actually do already have this pattern in my stash. ;-) But if I give in to temptation, this time I *will* do a muslin.


  1. Why, thanks for the compliment, Debbie.

    You have managed to make supremely nice fitting pants and since you have a good TNT you can use that to compare and modify any new pattern (like we used our PMB fitting shells, back in the day)

    Not that I'm advocating you take on new projects with all you've got going on these dayz!

  2. Love those coral capris! What pattern is it? I have been looking for a good pattern for capris.

  3. The coral ones look awesome!!! Hopefully you'll be able to fix the problem with the dark ones. Pants are always an issue for me too, so I sympathize. :)


  4. I hate it when you work so hard at somethig and then it just doesn't work. I hope you can fix your issues, but maybe you just want to put your awesome pocket details on the coral capri pattern!


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