Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drive By

Just a quick update before I head to the sewing room and football games on TV.

Thanks for all the nice comments and your honest opinions about my shopping binges. (I'm enjoying the binges immensely, BTW!). I returned both dresses. After looking at my photos and in my closet, I decided that I really prefer the separates, and look better in them too — print or solid. I think it's more flattering on me to have three pieces instead of two. It breaks me up in a better way. Plus, I really like to mix/match which is why you see me buying pretty much within the same main color palettes. So, dresses are off my radar at the moment. Which, of course, is subject to change on a whim because I have lots of whims. ;-)

I also returned the wild jacket, the target necklace and one other necklace that I decided was just so-so (the wooden-like bead one in the photo from the other day).

While returning stuff at Beall's this morning, I also planned to get the mustard twinset. But, alas, it wasn't to be. What I thought was mustard in the store light was really more camel in the fitting room light and it matched my skin too closely. There was another shade, more yellow, but it was *too* yellow for me. I decided that there are more stores to conquer and I could be patient instead of settling. How very grown-up of me, right? hah

My initial assessment of what I have and what I don't tells me that I need more tops that go with my new work pieces. I have LOTS of tops that I like, but not that I'd wear to an office. I also would like a few more skirts and a couple more less structured jackets and/or twinsets. But I don't do "Chanel" jackets so I'm not sure how unstructured I really mean. I'll know it when I see it. ;-) I also need a couple more things to wear on Jeans Fridays, that aren't jeans. So, another denim skirt and a maybe a second from a non-blue denim. I think I'm set for this week without exact repeats of what I wore last week, so not quite as much pressure. Which is probably a bad thing as far as output since I slack off without a deadline.

This afternoon, I'm actually going to try to rework a RTW skirt I bought 3 years ago and never really wore. It will mean ripping it apart entirely, but the fabric is so nice that I don't want to just toss it without trying to do something first. And during the week, I'll work on a couple of knit tops including a boring but needed ivory shell.


  1. I just wanted to tell you that I a) love your blog, read it all the time, just haven't commented b) you are looking very healthy and happy in your latest pics and so therefore c) good for you!

  2. Tina's right, you are looking much happier in these recent pictures :-). Suits you well..
    Remember that very nice Hotpatterns Riviera jacket, in a thickish knit? Wouldn't that be a perfect piece between cardigan and jacket?

  3. You are (for me) something like the perfect organization .... I need this gift you have ....

  4. You are looking great and putting together some wonderful outfits. Re comfortable shoes - I have to agree on the keep front. It helps to assemble several outfits on a Sunday night ready for the work week ahead, then you can just pick one and go. I always look more put together when I thought about it the night before rather than waiting until that morning.

  5. I echo the others - I love reading your blog and in the pictures you do look healthy and very happy. I hope this new job works out for you and that you sons stay healthy and safe.

  6. I've enjoyed seeing what you've purchased. Looking forward to seeing what else you've got up your sleeve.

  7. Gee, you are just looking more gorgeous every day.

  8. Well I will just chime in here and say I also enjoy your blog.

    Hard do go wrong with separates, I agree with you on that :O).

    Oh by the way I have made my decision on which cover stitch machine I am getting. I hope I haven't already said that on another comment LOL ... well if I have I blame it on hormones okay. LOL ... Anyway thanks again for all the info you posted on your blog. It was very helpful.


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