Friday, September 2, 2011

Long Weekend - And Some Alone Time

First things first, NO — I haven't heard anything about the job yet. I hope it's because of the long weekend, but who knows. Whatever happens, happens.

And speaking of the long weekend — I'm alone for the next couple of days. Wooo! First time in a very long time and I *need* it.

Tyler is at my stepson Michael's mother's house (my soon-to-be-ex's first ex! Hah!) in Jacksonville FL and the STB-ex, Alex and one of Alex's friends drove up there today (in MY car but that's another story). Michael, who lived his teenage and beyond years in Jax but now lives in Asheville NC, is turning 30 (no freakin' way!) on the 6th and is having a big party tonight to celebrate. All of the Cook men will be staying at the 1st ex's house. Isn't that hilarious? OK, I have a warped sense of humor and know both parties, so it's hilarious to me. On Sunday, they will return and Tyler will be here for a week on leave.

Since I'm without an operable vehicle, I'm spending my time in the sewing room. As I mentioned last post, I want to make something jacket-ish from the putty-colored ponte-ish knit. Too many ish-es?. Hah.

I've decided what I'm making. Remember this jacket I made a few months ago (and hated because of the pattern placement), and which I've never worn … Well, I still love the cut of it — i.e., the lapel width/curve and vee depth is perfect on me, the length is great, etc. (pairing it with this dress for a photo not so great!), but it's now way too big. So, I decided to experiment. I pinned out an inch on both side seams up through the sleeves (for a total of 4") and tried it on. Pretty much perfect. The pink lines on the pic below are me inside the pinning.

The pattern alteration for that is easy:  Trace the pattern to keep things neater and then just lop off 1-1/8" from each side seam, front and back, using my rotary cutter guide arm. (Love that thing!)

I'm also going to do something I've never done before — a SMALL bust adjustment. But only kinda-sorta. I did an FBA on the original tissue before my first make back in 2008. But I think now it's too much, so I need to reduce it. Which means an SBA instead of an FBA. That cracks me up.

As a refresher, this is the pattern, Butterick 4818. Sorry, it's OOP. (Insert rant on Connie Crawford taking over Butterick's whole plus line.)

Hopefully the next post will show a finished putty jacket.


  1. Oh, please do rant! Why is it that in plus sizes, one designer has a stranglehold on Butterick, especially since too many of the patterns are decidedly "Been there, done that!" It's time for some fresh blood and a new perspective. AAAAh, that feels much better.

  2. I echo that rant. I wish they would take a look at Burda WOF (or whatever the heck it's calle) and Ottobre Woman for some current and nicely fitting plus styles. In the meantime, hope you have a terrific weekend in the sewing room and with the dogs.

  3. Debbie - I handle some of the recruiting functions at my job and you're right it's the long weekend holding up the decision. Hold tight - hopefully you will get good news later next week!

    BTW, I almost bought that pattern when you originally made the jacket but I was concerned about how I would look with the notched collar so I'm really looking forward to seeing your new and improved version.

    As for that "designer"...her name no longer passes my lips.

  4. Just don't pair flowers with the peacock feather skirt, and it'll all work out! And you won't be alone; the pups will be there to help you!

    The long weekend is everywhere. My business phone didn't ring after noon - not even with salesmen trying to sell us roof repairs, phone service and other assorted crap!

  5. YAY, sewcations all around! That flowered jacket is really cute. Glad you can save it.

    And, I agree, I am not a fan of the Connie Crawford patterns.

    And I'm with you, I LOVE having the house to myself when I am in sewing mode.

    Happy Sewcation!

  6. Too bad, the fabric placement wasn't -so- bad, I liked that jacket :-).

    Beware of the slash-and-burn adjustments. It might be much better for you to take a pattern your current size and adjust it from scratch than to try and cut down an old TNT. Remember, Kathleen fashion-incubator is right, when you're smaller you're closer to 'standard', so adjusting patterns is less of a hassle. And you're already the queen of FBAs, so it can't be that much trouble. I bet if you started with a simple Burda jacket (and your -measured- size, not the 'US' one which is too small) you'd be all adjusted in an hour..

  7. Debbie, you look great! It's so much better to have the dilemma of "everything-is-too-big-now" instead of where I am, afraid to try on my jeans and fall clothing because I'm pretty sure everything is going to be too small.

    Good luck with the job thing.


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