Tuesday, September 6, 2011

M6078 Finished and a Call for Accessories

This is how I look. No mirror image (which to ME, looks like me because I usually only see mirror images of myself). The lighting is fairly accurate. And if I have pockets, my hands are usually jammed in them. But I do have feet in real life. ;-) I also need a haircut; I'm getting kind of shaggy.

This is the pattern, McCall's 6078.

I started this top about a month and a half ago, and then set it aside. I originally bought the wrong size range and did something with blending my TNT Ottobre tee to size it up. I can't remember exactly what I did or I would show you. But I wasn't thrilled with the results which is why I set it aside. Weeks went by and I tried it on again and decided I could salvage it. I've also since bought the pattern in the correct size range, thinking it will be a good basic, and I will try it again because this white one could fit better in the shoulders.

I like the way it looks under the jacket, but I'm not so thrilled with it alone. The big expanse of white makes me look bigger. Let this be a lesson in clothing camouflage. Although I love my white refashioned skirt from yesterday on me. Go figure.

I made the sleeveless view B (shown in the red drawing), but added short sleeves. Again, from my TNT Ottobre. I probably wouldn't take the jacket off when wearing this, but just in case, I wanted sleeves. This pic below shows it belted.

I'm wearing the Walmart skirt I showed a few days ago, and which I had planned to wear the putty jacket with (except it wasn't a jacket yet at that point). It is just me, or does a cowl like this feel messy when you wear it too? I'm getting used to it, but I can't help re-arranging the droops every 10 minutes.

I mean, really. Look at this mess:

* * * * *

My call for accessories is this: I know I need some. Pins, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, belts. I don't wear silver. Does anyone have any Etsy recommendations that are reasonably priced? It's OK if it's your own shop. In fact, that's even better.

* * * * *

Now it's off to the grocery because I've just learned Tyler will be here for dinner after all and I've got nothing thawed. Some things never change, like last-minute announcements, no matter how grown up they are. I've got a list of things I wish the Drill Instructors at Parris Island would add to their repertoire.


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  2. I've never been able to wear a cowl neck for exactly this reason. I can't understand why they are so popular. I can arrange it beautifully in the mirror, but then it never stays and I can't stop fussing with it. I gave up even trying... I do like the look very much with the belt. Now add some great earrings, something with some black in it, and a bracelet. I was going to suggest a pin (brooch) originally, then realized that it would be too much going on with the lapels and cowl. If you wore a plain-necked top, a great pin on the lapel would be perfect!

  3. I think the whole outfit looks great! Cowl necks are a little fiddly for the wearer, but I think they're great to look at. As far as accessories go, I've had great luck at WalMart and Target for jewelry and belts--and at pretty low costs. ~ Peggy

  4. Apart from the lovely skirt, apart from the smart jacket, apart from the flattering drape of the top, what is wildly apparent is that YOU LOOK GREAT! Brava!

  5. I've made that same cowl pattern twice. The first time as is and the second time I brought the depth of the cowl up by 2". For me I think the depth of the neckline on the first one was what caused me to fiddle with it. If I bent over I had all this fabric swinging around that just begged to be straightened up when I straightened up! The second one is still deep and open enough but I find I'm not as fiddley with it.

    Accessories are my downfall too. I just don't wear that many of them either.

  6. I think the outfit looks nice. I like cowl necks. They are suppose to be kinda well cowl necks lol. :O).
    I bought that very pattern! I thought most all the versions were cute.

  7. I think you look really nice in all the pics...great job.

  8. I like it with the belt. I'm thinking a lightweight chain (small, not draping past the cowl) or simple gold necklace with earrings will tie the look together. I wore a cowl neckline to a party recently and my friend (whose house I was at prior to said party) insisted on draping me with a small necklace and it accentuated the cowl wonderfully.

    You are a better person than I am. If one of my kids announced they would be home for dinner, my response would be, "Lovely, you can make it yourself then."

  9. I think it looks great with the jacket and belt. I would be interested to see how it looks with a belt without the jacket, that might help break it up a bit. Don't worry about a messy cowl, it's just doing it's cowl-y thing.

  10. I like the version with the belt. And for accessories, I would add some bangle bracelets, a watch and some stud earrings. That's it.

    Two things about the cowl - you can either deepen it because when there is more fabric it seems to shift less. Or I just saw this on a garment on HSN, you can add a tab with a small weight at the end of cowl...that will keep it weighted down and it won't shift.

    I plan on trying the weight thing on the next cowled outfit I make.

  11. Messy is the nature of a cowl neck. Don't fiddle with it and it'll look a lot better.

    That said, I think the white is too stark for your coloring. Maybe you can get away with white pants, because of the cultural fit with Florida. But close to your face it's a bit too much. Go with cream next time.

    In fact, you can test tea dyeing, super easy :-). Soak the top overnight in water and maybe a dash of dish detergent (essential step for even results). Make a very strong kettle of tea. Pour a bit into big pot of water. Test with fabric scraps (isn't it nice to sew :-)?) using a new one each time. When in a couple minutes you get a nice color, a bit darker than you want, plunge the whole thing in all at once, stir, take it out when it matches the sample, rinse well. If you're really questioning, you might dry the sample to see what it'll be like in the end - you can use paper towels to squeeze it damp, and a hair dryer to get to the point.

    Accessories? A larger watch. Like me, you don't have a delicate bone frame, and these girly watches emphasize that. Men's watches can also be more elegant with more simplicity, and make more of a statement. Be sure to get a dark brown band :-).

    It's a really good outfit as is.. All you really need is the haircut.

  12. PS: I'm finding that the same pattern looks really different for cowls. The exact same neckline is elegantly messy in lightweight cotton, and obscene in a rayon-lycra mix. I'm now adding/removing an inch in the center front (on the fold, 2" total) depending on the stretch and weight of my fabric, with much better results.

  13. Hi Debbie...I just want you to know that I think you totally rock!
    You look great, and are putting together some wonderful outfits.

    I LOVE cowls...they make my double chin look more single ;) I came up with some ideas on what you can do with cowls to make them look like knotted tops, twisted tops, etc...the changes are temporary because you use those small clear "elastic hair bands" on the inside! Here's the link to the tutorial if you are interested...

    Stylish Variations On Draped Cowls

  14. I like the way you have the cowl top styled with the belt and jacket. Looks great. I knit a cowl-necked tank top this summer, I can't stop fiddling with the drape either.

  15. Very nice work gear. I like your version of this top with sleeve. You can easily wear it in the cooler months. Maybe I'll make it again.

  16. Yay! Congratulations on getting the job! I've gotten some sparkly earrings from this etsy seller, who does very affordable and classy-looking brooches as well.



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