Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Night to Relax

Tonight I'm going to veg in front of the TV. I was thinking of going shopping but I decided I can do that on the weekend and not feel rushed.

Here's today's outfit on me. This is after work so I'm a little wrinkly. The skirt fabric is stretch twill. The stretch factor meant I had to take deeper side seams than I did for my non-stretch denim skirt but that's the only change I made, and it was so easy that it's hardly worth mentioning. I'll definitely be making another one of these skirts very soon.

This is me 5 minutes after the pic above, and after I had already disconnected the camera from the tripod. Sorry for the blurries — I blame it on all that free yummy coffee. ;-)

Here's the lunchbag I bought for $5. It's insulated too. Some things it's just better to buy, especially if there's a time crunch involved.

Speaking of lunch, as I mentioned it's being catered tomorrow. But we got to pick what we wanted from a menu today so I'll be getting a great salad.

That's all I have for tonight. Tune in tomorrow morning for a link to a review of my Ooo Rah wallet by a fun & crafty blogger, plus a wallet-related giveaway here.


  1. Really like the floral twill, and the outfit looks great on you.

  2. Sometimes a "girl" just has to veg out in front of the earned it. Good luck with your new job!

  3. The outfit looks great on you even after a full work day. I'm impressed that you still have the energy to sew after working all day. I think you've earned this TV night - Enjoy!

  4. I love quick sewing! Enjoy vegging out in front of the TV tonight. Project Runway, right? I have to record it. I have so much difficulty finding an hour and a half to watch something, all at one stretch. It's made me a bit behind on this season -- and now I can't figure out how we watched only an hour of the show before because there is SO. MUCH. GOING. ON. I'm tired just watching the designers!

  5. Rest is good :-). Especially almost at the end of the first week of work. You've done a lot already, it's OK to veg. And you'll no doubt buy more wisely if you're not feeling frantic while shopping.

  6. You have had a whirlwind week, you deserve a quite evening!
    I love the floral twill.


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