Friday, September 30, 2011

Shopping Not Sewing

The mojo was in light attendance last night. I interfaced the skirt waistbands and that was it. I'll finish up the skirt over the weekend, and hopefully something else too.

So, instead of sewing, I went shopping online before the BMV sale ended. I noticed the New Vogues were in the sale, then off the site. Not nice, IMO, but it's not like I was really going to sew any of the new patterns before the next sale. Instead, I bought some of the items that were on my wishlist, which will be plenty to keep me busy — along with those still in a holding pattern from previous sales. Carolyn will be happy to see that the Rachel skirt was purchased and will be on its way to me. ;-)

Then I headed over to and some sweater knits and lightweight wools for skirts are on their way to me. It's going down to an artic 69 degrees this weekend so I need to be ready.

Previous online shopping from arrived in my mailbox yesterday, including more interfacing and this DVD. I always enjoy the P/P DVDs and they are so reasonably priced. I'll let you know what I think about this one after I've watched it — hopefully over the weekend.

I rounded out the evening by clearing some too-big pants from my closet. The brown pants second from the top are my wonderful stretch bengaline (from Australia) pants. I'm almost sad they are too big. Bye-bye stretch bengaline. I'll miss you.

I also found a pair of jeans in the closet that fit and I was going to wear them today for Jeans Day at work but I really wanted to wear a belt with them because they are a little loose in the waist. However, in my infinite sewing wisdom, I didn't add belt loops to them. I didn't want to be pulling them up all day, so I'm not wearing them. Maybe I'll add some beltloops over the weekend.

Here's what I wore to work yesterday. The dress is too loose to wear on its own, but with a wide brown belt under the cardi and the neckline Hollywood-taped closed, it works — which means now I have another outfit for a few more weeks, with an added bonus of being really comfortable. I really like this cardi. Some of the sweater knits I just bought may turn into its sisters.


  1. Debbie - you are looking really slim in that picture. Good for you!

  2. I agree -- you look fabulous!


  3. I'm trying to be grown up about this Vogue Patterns snafu because in the scheme of things it isn't really that important BUT boy did they have a WTF moment with that one. I was so disgusted that I just closed the site out and bought nuthin.

    You are going to love The Rachel Skirt...I have 2 more on my list for fall/'s that great a skirt!

  4. You are looking good!!! I'm so impressed with your coordination of the order. I don't seem to have that gene.

  5. You do look great, Debbie, and I LOVE that brown sweater with your dress!

  6. You look fantastic! And what a great night of productive shopping :)

  7. Love this outfit! Very stylish.

  8. Yea, I have to look soooo slim in the outfit you wore yesterday. It was nicely put together and your weight loss is so evident now. Kudos!

  9. Very flattering camera shot. The weight loss is very apparent.
    Good job!

  10. Another nice outfit! But the stretch bengaline, noooo....! :) Are you sure you can't cut a new, smaller pair of pants from the fabric? :)

  11. It's been a toasty 65 here all week. We're headed down toward 40 tonight. I'm looking at heavier fabrics from my collection....ok, stash. You're looking really good! Enjoy your new purchases!

  12. You look great! And this outfit is fabulous on you.

    I recently lost weight too and here are my tricks to dealing with trousers that are just a bit too big but that you need to wear for whatever reason:

    - sew a few darts at the waistline and cover with a top;

    - stitch elastic to the inside of the waistband

    Easier than buying new ones until your weight stabilizes.


  13. That sweater is really cute; looks great with the belted dress. What's the pattern? I am thinking of finally making one of those waterfall things, two years into the trend.


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