Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Nuthin'

This is really just to load these photos before I write official reviews so there's not going to be too much new here.

I wore this today, with PH and a cardi and I was very comfortable temperature-wise.

If you remember, when I first made it about 3 weeks ago, it was on the snug side of things. It's not anymore. Here's the first pic (unhemmed) to compare:

I did NOT wear this jacket, but I wanted to take some pics for the review. Unfortunately, they aren't as clear as I was hoping. Pffft. But the jacket fits better now too (even though it's hanging crooked in the pic) so maybe I'll even wear it for real.

And that's about it for now, since I want to get the reviews done and then get up to my sewing room. I may or may not have changed my mind about first sewing a skirt to match the new blouse. ;-)


  1. you. Look. fantastic! Amazing. The skirt is great!!!!

  2. The skirt looks great! You just can't stay away from the sewing room for long, can you? Besides, skirts are so quick and easy to whip up, what's another one....dozen or so?

  3. Debbie, I admire you very much. You've been going thru very difficult transitions and are sailing right through them, losing weight all the while. I'm very impressed and will stay in your corner for support.

    Gail D.

  4. What an awesome and versatile skirt! You look great


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