Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

How's that for an alliterative but completely meaningless title? ;-) What I should really have called this post is "I've Got Nuthin'."

Remember how I said my office is cold? Well yesterday I wore my new brown pencil skirt with the print … oh wait, I have the photo from the other day. This outfit:

Plus I added pantyhose and wore closed-toe pumps.

And I was HOT, and not in a good way (or in a personal summer way either). I ended up taking off the sweater by afternoon. What was up with THAT?

Today I wore the skirt re-make and the print shell I had with it in the last set of pics, plus the short-sleeved brown cascade cardigan and the shoes in the pic above, no PH. My legs were a little chilly by the end of the day but overall I was comfortable. Especially during potty breaks. Is that TMI? ;-) I think someone hit the thermostat yesterday and today it was back to normal again. It was the same people who decided to all get on the roads at the same exact time this morning, adding another 15 minutes to my drive. Can we please have a sign-up sheet for commute times? ;-)

I'm SO glad I kept those shoes, though. They are so comfy that I would still be wearing them now if I didn't have to take them off to get my capris on. I've already decided I'm wearing them tomorrow and will now have to build an outfit around them. The skirt re-make didn't even feel tight today. When I was trying it on after finishing it the other night, it was after a filling dinner so I was feeling a little puffy. I wasn't puffy today and it was comfortable. This is good, and bad. Good for obvious reasons. Bad, because it means I may not have as much time with it as I hoped. Catch-22.

Last night I sat through 2 hours of video tutorials online because the graphics software I'm using is actually pretty new to me so I want a better idea of what I'm doing. I mean, I know what to do, I just fumble trying to find it in the software. (And while we're on the subject, who the heck at Microsoft decided to completely change the location of EVERYTHING in the latest iteration of Office? OMG I hate it. H.A.T.E.) Two hours of basic and boring tutes was all I could take and I was passed out on top of my covers in front of the tube by 10:30 PM.

Tonight I'm going to try to work up the motivation to fix the RTW dress that needs the neckline crossover raised, instead of watching more tutes. Tsk, tsk. I also want to make the sleeves short instead of 3/4 so I can wear my short-sleeved putty knit jacket over it.

I'm looking forward to my first paycheck this week, more shopping (yes!) and more sewing on the weekend. Hi, my name is Debbie and I've become a clothes horse.


  1. You go girl..nothing better than a paycheck and a shopping trip!

  2. Awesome Debbie! You look so polished and happy...I love logging on to see a new post from you! Keep it up Girl!!!

  3. re MS changing the menu's .... I've made sharp response to several companies saying that changing the location and titles of most used functions is not worthy of the words new or improved. It is in my mind bogus and unethically cheating the end user. It's a type of snobbery used by little minded people to make/keep themselves better/more important than someone else. Grrrrrrrrrrr

  4. I once worked in an office where the owner installed a cage over the thermostat. This was way up north so all the ladies learned to bring in space heaters and afghans during the winter months.
    BTW, Hans has been using computers since they first came out and he feels your pain, he hates Microsoft!

  5. Great post, and I am sooo glad you are having the same issues with Office - I waste huge amounts of time in the latest Word trying to find the most basic stuff which has new completely counter-intuitive locations. Some stuff I just plain can't find any more. Don't get me started on Track changes. Oh and you are looking beautiful these days, really beautiful.

  6. Great that you are getting a check and having success at finding a work wardrobe. Some would disagree with me on this but when I find a comfortable pair of shoes for dress clothes I rebuy them as I have a heck of a time finding comfortable shoes for dress clothes.It's really sad when you have some great ones and you go looking for replacements with no luck. mssewcrazy

  7. "And while we're on the subject, who the heck at Microsoft decided to completely change the location of EVERYTHING in the latest iteration of Office? OMG I hate it. H.A.T.E."

    Our office (okay my boss and I) arranged for two evenings training at our firm - yes that's right we started training at 5pm and ended at 8pm...just to get the cheats of where they placed things. After using it for 7months its still not intuitive yet! So I totally get this!

    ...and now you know why I sew so much on the weekend...you NEED something new to wear each week, right! *LOL*

  8. You look fabulous! That outfit looks so chic and together. I am sorry that you were cold. One thing that I have learned in my office, the *temperature* changes depending on who has the shades open or closed, how often the weather changes and for no apparent reason. Wear layers!

  9. I couldn't agree more who made the decision to move where everything is on Office! What were they thinking? Good grief!

    Yep a new paycheck at the store is a lot of fun!

  10. Bet it's Illustrator... I went from ver. 10 to CS4 and oh man..they moved and changed how things worked.

  11. Here at the geek house it's called Mickey Soft! ha ha ha I've seen the new version of MS Office, and i agree that it's a royal crock.

  12. Have you heard of Ribbon Hero? It's a game to help you learn the new ribbon at the top of the new versions of office. Try it: ribbonhero.com

    Love your new clothes. You are looking so great!

  13. You look AMAZING! ~ Peggy

  14. I think you will find that on Mondays the office will always be warm in the summer and will be cold in winter. Office buildings turn off a/c and heat for the weekends.

    My husband's floor is always sweltering on Mondays in the summer and freezing in the winter.

  15. Great outfit! I totally build my outfits around my shoes too.

    Have not seen the new version of Office, but we switched to Mac partly because of problems like those (DH is in IT and got tired of coming home from work and fixing my computer). The only thing is, everyone keeps telling me Apple products are intuitive. Apparently, I am NOT intuitive since I still find there's quite a steep learning curve for this stuff.

    I have mending and DIY stuff to do but I keep putting it off in favor of more new sewing. Someday soon....

  16. Totally agree with you about MS Office. Even A doesn't like it and she's not use to the "old version". It's like they ran out of ways to improve their software so to keep themselves in a job someone decided to change EVERYTHING just for the sake of it, turning a great program into something terrible.

  17. I love the strong opinions here on the newest MS Office! As a fellow legal secretary, let me just say that there are lawyers in my office who are fighting tooth and nail not to get converted to the newest version of Office. The "ribbon" layout is kinda wacky, and I still can't figure out how to do some stuff that I was able to do with older Word.


  18. What you're having is an office thermostat war> As a temporary person, you have no say. So I'd advise layers - wear little enough that you won't broil, but bring enough that you can warm up if the eskimo wins the day. It means no tank tops so you can strip down to a single top layer if necessary, and it probably means no pantyhose on the whole. It may be a good idea to find a brown/teal pashmina or such large scarf, and just leave it at work, then you always have it on hand when you need it, and it should take you down to the 50s even if you're not wearing anything warm at all.

    These days, a shorter-sleeve jacket over a longer undersleeve is kind of cool, you might want to try it before you hem. Congratulations on the first paycheck, that's a really nice moment :-).

  19. You look amazing!! Isn't it fun shopping for that "new body". You I hope are extremely proud of what you have done and are doing both with your health and your job search. The boys must be very proud of you.
    Been following your blog ect. off and on since you started and finally decided to say hello.
    You are one very talented gal and I do thank you for your lessons that you so freely posted over the years.
    Way to go Debbie..nice to see you so positive.

    Judi B.


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