Monday, November 26, 2012

Quick Model Shots

I'm already in lounge clothes (OK, PJs) as I write this, but I did take some pics before the quick change after work. After 4-1/2 luxurious days off, staying up late and sleeping in, I'm a little pooped from my 6 AM wake-up call. But the day went fast and it was great to actually eat a healthy salad for lunch. I'm staying away from the dreaded scale but I'm sure I've added a couple lbs since last weekend.

Here's the whole outfit as I wore it all day long. Side note: No Nonsense tights - best ever! Finally a pair of hose that doesn't creep downward during the day and doesn't reach to my armpits when I put them on. Lots of colors on their website too ... some of which I'll be buying soon.

And since I think I'm supposed to be showcasing the blouse, here it is without the cardi.

Now to veg in front of the DVR and then football, and maybe indulge in yet another turkey sandwich.


Peter Lappin said...

Very cute blouse, Debbie!

marysews said...

Great outfit! I behaved myself food-wise today, too!

Kyle said...

It looks lovely!

velosewer said...

Nice look. That's the thing about a good white blouse.

Karin said...

This shirt looks better on you than the dress makers dummy! So crisp!

James said...

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Bunny said...

Great outfit, Debbie.

Marjie said...

Looks like you were productive in between vegging out breaks. Great outfit!