Saturday, November 17, 2012

Butterick 5615 Muslin

Next up is Butterick 5615. I'm making View D, with the long sleeves. Coincidentally, mine will be white too. I really NEED a white blouse.

But first, a muslin. This will not be a fast sew, but I have a short work week coming up followed by a long weekend so I'll have some time to devote to a slower project. I want this to turn out well which means I will have to keep reminding myself that it's not a race since I do tend to be an impatient soul in the sewing room.

The muslin is not bad, but a muslin was definitely needed since there will be some tweaks required. I started with the 16 at neck/armholes, grading outward to the 20 by the hips. The only other adjustment so far was to square the shoulders before cutting out the pattern.

I read the PR reviews for this pattern and no one (not neven Belinda!) mentioned an FBA. There's no sewn bust dart in the pattern but obviously bust room is built into the waist/tie/gather area because I definitely do not need an FBA with this pattern. Nice.

What I DO need to adjust are (1) widen the sleeve bicep - not a surprise since I cut a smaller sleeve than I should've per the size I used in an attempt to eliminate bogus sleeve cap ease. That no cap ease part worked, but now I need a little more bicep ease instead. (2) erect back adjustment, which is a usual adjustment for me in a woven blouse and why most RTW blouses drive me crazy. You can sort of see the back neck folding at my shoulders, which is the indication I need this adjustment in a pattern. And (3) to lengthen the upper bodice above the peplum so the tie hits me lower, and to lengthen the top overall since I think it's a bit too short (it's unhemmed here). The best adjustment will be for me to add about 3/4" above the peplum and also add another 1/2" TO the peplum. This will be one of those times I will be reminding myself it's not a race and to not take the faster way of just adding above the the peplum.

None of these adjustments are difficult but they will take some time and I'm not up for them tonight. I might not be tomorrow either since I have to enter the grocery store with the hoards to get our Turkey Day fixn's. Alex and I are invited to his friend's family gathering but Alex still wants his own turkey, etc. at home for later.On a slightly sad note, this will be Tyler's first Thanksgiving away from family.

Speaking of shopping ... I started my morning with a little fabric shopping. And by "a little," I mean this:

I plead temporary insanity.


  1. You are going to like the Crepe Knit Abstract Charcoal/White and the Crepe Double knit mini check do I know? Well I already own them!

    The top looks good and I know you'll take the time to get the fit just right.

  2. This top looks good now, so with your adjustments you are going to get a great top! Just excuse me while I drool over your fabric purchases! :)

  3. Your blouse looks good already. I love the fabric you chose.

  4. How do you adjust for an erect back? In your next post, can you explain this? Thank you!

  5. That style looks nice on you.

  6. It's definitely shorter than the illustration. The top looks good on you and it's just the muslin!. Maybe adding above the waist will get you enough length without adding any more.

  7. Love your choices. Insane:)

    The shirt is working out nicely. I'm enjoying working with wovens again - for a change.

  8. it looks good so far! white blouses are always such a wardrobe classic :)

  9. Nice style on you, I like it.
    Great choices with your fabric :)

  10. Funny that you made a [mostly] long-sleeved shirt to go with that insanity!


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