Sunday, November 18, 2012

If I Had a Million Dollars ...

(Do you know that Barenaked Ladies song?)

I'd buy me ...

Gawd how I love these shoes. I mean L.O.V.E. But, alas, $250, or even the sale price of $189, is not a realistic budget item for me for YAPOS (yet another pair of shoes ... funny how that rhymes with Zappos ... hmmm.) Sure, I could splurge and try to justify but ...

So, what popped up in Zappos' sneaky-intelligent targeted advertising last night?

Not a bad second choice. I caved, and they'll be here Tuesday.

It's been a no-sewing-Sunday, but I did survive the grocery store so I'm counting the day as a win.


  1. I love the comment about surviving the trip to the supermarket...the bane of my existence. And the shoes are awesome I'm really into cap toed shoes lately BUT they are snakeskin...ugghhh! I'm sure you will enjoy wearing them!

  2. They are lovely shoes and I hate that sneaky advertising! Glad you found an acceptable second.

    I adore Barenaked Ladies - that's a fun song! g

  3. I'm addicted to shoes, too, but unfortunately I'm reduced to just looking and drooling! It's not the cost so much as the heels. I just can't wear them like that anymore. :-( Too old and too many years of wearing them in the past.
    Glad you found a similar pair at a better price. Enjoy!

  4. Ah I love the shoes you went for!

  5. yaay! bargain!

    (I bet you always wanted a monkey)

  6. hee for YAPOS rhyming with ZAPPOS. clever!
    I like the BNL too!

  7. Great shoes (both pairs). I 've pledged to not buy any item of clothing for one year as of Oct. 1st but I have to admit I did not include shoes in my pledge.

  8. Great shoes! And a great find!!

    And yup...a BNL fan :)

  9. Oh, gawd, shoe porn, again! - not that I mind, OK?

    My DD works for a shoe store that's blowin' out stock on ebay with seller name oppedisanos.


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