Friday, November 16, 2012

Neue Mode 23150: Finished

Hot off the machines, here's the finished skirt.

And the pattern again, so you don't have to flip back a post.

I like it, and it's an easy sew. You can see in the pic above that there is a slight bell curve at the hem. But it still hugs at the hips, which is better for me than a regular A-line shape. Like a pencil skirt with flare.

There are two reviews for this skirt on PR (and if I ever get motivated to post there again, I might add this as a third). One mentions that the waist yoke isn't shaped like the drawing and the other mentions that the yoke is narrower than the drawing. I didn't find either to be the case. The yoke definitely curves upward in the front, although it's hard to see on Zillie because of the elastic. And all I can think of for the other comment was that the reviewer didn't add the seam allowances. I found the pattern true to size, although it's European sizing. I made a 46 with no alterations. (Correction - I just re-read the reviews and the one comment about the shaped yoke agrees it's shaped, but the skirt top is not.)

What IS off on the waist yoke is finishing it. If you follow the boilerplated instructions, you'd get a stitching line in the middle of it where the elastic is stitched down. I thought that would look weird (not that it's gonna show anyway) so instead of stitching it down at the bottom of the folded-over elastic, I triple straight-stitched at the top edge. That keeps it from flopping upward, matches the triple straight-stitch topstitching at the seams, and looks better than a line through the middle of the yoke.

I left slits at the bottom of the sideseams. The pattern instructs to leave a slit at the center back. I'm a rebel. lol

So, now that I've made it I think I'll morph this with the beloved Magic Pencil. There's no real reason for me to have a yoke since I'm not going to tuck in, and it will eliminate two pattern pieces.


  1. Good workhorse of a skirt - wearable and flattering too. Great stuff.

  2. Looks great! I'm not a fan of the tucked in look, either.Think you will get heaps of wear out of this one...

  3. I love the flirtyness of the hem shape. There is absolutely nothing like a great fitting skirt to make one feel cute - as I can truly tell by your picture.

  4. It's always interesting how three people read the same instructions differently.

    I have a rtw skirt with a yoke and i like it for the support and shaping in that area.

    Pat on the back for sewing after working all day.

  5. Another great piece finished and ready to add to the work wardrobe!

  6. This skirt looks great and I too am not a huge fan of a tucked in skirt... well not since I was young and a little slimmer. Thanks for a great review and sharing :)


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