Saturday, November 24, 2012

Butterick 5615: In Progress

Sewing today, but slow sewing. I think I'm still in a turkey coma. ;-)

Zillie needs a body makeover because this blouse barely fits around her but is more than OK on me. All that's left is to sew the cuffs onto the sleeves, hem the peplum, and then buttonholes and buttons.

I'im not madly in love with it because there's something funky with the armholes, but it's not bad enough to  stop me from wearing it - especially under a cardi. I should've made another muslin once I adjusted the sleeves and narrowed the shoulders but I thought those adjustments would be enough. They weren't. The armholes are too low and not scooped inward enough for a good fit on me. What I have now is basically a RTW fit. Oh well. At least my erect back adjustment worked and I won't be tugging it down from my neck so that's one improvement over most RTW blouses for me.

I ended up NOT lengthening the bodice above the peplum because I realized that by making the same adjustment to the back, I'd move the back peplum seam down and it lands in the perfect spot as it is. And, really, the front tie is where it's supposed to be but I thought it would *look* better lower, i.e., it would visually lengthen my torso. I did lengthen the peplum itself by 2". I'm not sure I'll keep all of that addition yet but it's easier to cut off than add on later.

The fabric doesn't photograph very well, as it looks like a very puckered sheet. In real life, it's much drapier than it appears here and has a slight vertical rib texture. And the puckers are because it's straining on Zillie. And needs a good pressing.

One thing I *will* like about this blouse once it's done is that it will pair with my wine plaid Magic Pencil and finally that skirt won't be an orphan. (The knit I bought to make a top to wear with the skirt matched fine, but the fabric was yucky so I returned it and once again the skirt was orphaned.)


  1. that's a great style- i think it will look wonderful with a pencil skirt.

  2. I'm excited to see what this will look like when it's finished. I like the twisty/tie-y front.

  3. I took one look at Zilly and said to myself, "that's not Debbie anymore". How good is that??

  4. I would love to see an explanation of the erect back adjustment. Collared blouses tend to drive me crazy, too, so perhaps this is what I need. I look forward to seeing the blouse on you.

  5. Love this! I just bookmarked your site. Wonderful work.


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