Thursday, November 1, 2012

I (Heart) NY

I'm sitting here writing this with an eye on Rock Center with Brian Williams on the TV and I'm overcome by sadness for the victims of Sandy. I feel a kinship and loss from far away. I'm a native New Yorker, born in Queens, although it's been a long, long time since I lived in the state. My grandparents and/or great-grandparents all came through Ellis Island and stayed. All of my family are New Yorkers. I've personally been to every place being shown hit by Sandy at one time or another in my life. My maternal grandparents moved to the Jersey Shore when I was a very young girl and we used to go to Seaside Heights regularly. It now almost doesn't exist, although it always will live in my memories. The pictures on TV pang my heart and I sincerely pray for everyone affected by the storm.

It feels kind of silly to be posting my sewing progress now but since that's what I started out to do, I'll go ahead and finish.

I finished the neck edges with clear elastic and a turn under and then basted the sideseams for a try-on. Although it would have been passable, I decided the left (your right) side piece really did need to be cut with more stretch so I removed the first one, cut a new piece, and then continued on. This pic below is with the original piece. You can't really see a difference between this pic and the next with the replacement piece, but I can feel it. Less unnatural pull on that side.

Pardon the non-matching dress underneath, but that's what I wore to work and I didn't change to sew. All that's left for the top are the hems, which I'll tackle tomorrow night and then maybe sew up the skirt. 

And on Zillie, with more accurate colors.

Good night.


  1. It does feel strange to see such damage to a place you love and then review a top you just made.

  2. I don't know that it is strange. I think it is more like life. I don' think tje dress revoew dimenisjes the poignancy of the rwflections of New York. If anything it strengrhens them. No matter how great the loss' life does go one. Ican.t wait to see the final piece.

  3. New York and New Jersey are in tough shape. I'm very fortunate in PA that I only lost one tree, and only lost power for 2 days. My next door neighbor is still out, and they're telling her she'll be lucky to have power back by Sunday. Obviously I'm offering to feed her family. But the pictures of New York at a dead standstill? Strange. Really strange.

    Great top, BTW; I like that color family on you.

  4. I had to make a trip to Joann's for thread and after seeing your last post I also picked up this pattern. I can't remember the last time I sewed a Simplicity but I really like this one. I am assuming that you mean the smaller piece that goes through the loop of the larger overlay? I'll take a look and cut it on the cross grain when I get to it. I have never had good luck with sewing on clear elastic. Can you go into more detail on how you did it? Did you use your coverstitch on top?

  5. Great top, and I am with Nancy,, I would love a tutorial on how to apply the clear elastic,, I have used it before with much success on "straight" edges,, but not on curves,, so a t-shirt of a curved neck was always a problem for me, since the elastic doesn't curve... would love to see how you do a neckline though...

  6. Awesome! I have this top on my want to do list. One question..what type of needle to you use when applying the clear elastic to knits? Will universals do?

  7. Awesome! I have this top on my want to do list. One question..what type of needle to you use when applying the clear elastic to knits? Will universals do?


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