Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Already?

Happy New Year! Still no sewing going on here, but I am going to make it into the sewing room later today. Unfortunately, I won't be starting the jacket I showed last post because the pattern hasn't arrived yet. Grrrr. So I'll probably be doing something quilty, since I don't have anything else in the queue.

In the meantime, I'll show off some Proud Marine Mom photos from our trip to Camp Geiger last weekend. Our trip was good and I'm very glad I went. This was certainly the most unusual Christmas I've ever had. Unfortunately, my Marine son was SICK AS A DOG when we got there. But he's only got 3 more days and he's done living out in the cold weather for a long while. He'll be on his way to Pensacola, Florida on Tuesday for his next round of training and we're hoping maybe we can catch another quick visit there before he moves on again. But at the very least, we'll be back to regular communication again as he'll have his cell phone back and will be able to call and email daily.

Even sick, he's still a hambone.

Part of the Rec Center, which has flat screens hooked up to gaming systems, pool tables, ping pong, foosball, and Wi Fi with laptops to share.

We got to go with them through the chow hall on Christmas Day during breakfast, and were able to eat Christmas Dinner there later that day. Eating in a chow hall surrounded by thousands of Marines in uniform makes for quite an unusual Christmas family dinner. LOL

Formation. This is all of Fox Company. DS#1 is near the red dot. From behind, we could only pick him out by the childhood scar on the back of his shaved head, since — black, white, male, female — they all look alike. They are standing in front of their barracks, although they didn't really spend much time there as they train and sleep out in the field most of the time.

His favorite Christmas present: A nap. DS#2 and I put in a DVD and just let him sleep.

It was great to get to see him, of course, and to get a small glimpse into his new life. We fed him lots of OJ and Vitamin C drops, and he was kind enough to send me home with whatever crud he had which netted me a high fever and 3 days in bed. I'm feeling better now, and I hope he is too. We'll get a call on Monday, if not before. I can't wait.


  1. Happy New Year! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas too me:) It's all about family and love for one another, not decorations and gifts. That part of Christmas is way over rated. This is a Christmas your son will probably remember far more than most of those in his past. Just having his family with him, eating in a mess hall and sleeping in the car. Those are things dreams are made of :)

  2. Happy New Year! I'm glad you got a chance to see your son. Hope you and your son are feeling much better.

  3. Happy New Year! Yes I'd say this was an unusual Christmas,so nice that you could spend time together like that and see his new life :) He is lucky to have such a supportive family, that really helps when going through all the training phases.

    I hope you have a wonderful 2011 and a Happy sewing year.

  4. Seriously, I don't want my kids to grow up. It makes me teary-eyed reading your posts about your son. Please extend my most heartfelt *thank you* to him for serving our country. I feel so blessed I can sleep in peace every night knowing there are brave men and women on the front lines protecting the good ole USA. Glad you're feeling better!

  5. Glad he got to be home. Here's wishing your family a Happy, Healthy, and Safe New Year!

  6. Sounds like you had a wondderful, if unconventional, Xmas. I`m so glad you got to spend time with your boys - cherish the moments.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Happy new year! I'm glad to year you are feeling better and I hope your son is too.

  8. Illness notwithstanding, it must have been one of your best Christmases. Glad you're on the mend. Happy New Year, Debbie.


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