Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jingle Dogs

If you remember, over Christmas my younger son and I went to visit my Marine son at his combat training location. My husband stayed behind for work and to take care of the dogs.

Apparently, he was feeling silly on Christmas Eve and the poor pups were the victims. The photo above is what I received on my cell phone late 12/24. It also had an audio file attached with my husband doing his impersonation (which he does non-stop every Christmas) of the Santa in A Christmas Story: "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!"

Yes, I know Christmas is over, but this photo was too cute not to share. I hope you agree.

The Marine is doing much better now that he's in from the cold. Loving his new "pad" (barracks) in Pensacola and making some friends. He has a "96" (96 hours of liberty) this coming holiday weekend and will have his first taste of off-base freedom. He's not coming home, and I think he's actually looking forward to being with the guys and not obligated to Mom. Hah! How dare him. LOL!

I hope this video will work (hey, it does!). It's a small, short cell phone video of his current digs. Nothing fancy here. ;-) But much better than boot camp and combat training!



  1. Yes, the dogs were definitely too cute not to share! Thanks!

  2. dogs are adorable. Isn't one missing? So glad the Marine is safely in barracks again. g

  3. omg, those dogs...ha ha!! My two y/o, Aldous, also imitates the Christmas Story Santa. It's really funny, b/c Aldous has a very big deep raspy voice, but this cute little cherubic face. So ridiculous!

    Good to see your son settling it!

  4. I'm pleased to hear that your son is settling in nicely.

    The pups are adorable - I want to love up both of them!

  5. That is so next year's Christmas card!

  6. The dogs and your husband are to cute. Love that the ironing board is in the bathroom. Funny

  7. The dogs are so cute! My boyfriend keeps trying to dress up my cats - they don't like it. Silly men!

    Glad to hear DS1 is doing so well.

  8. The "pad" made me grin. Looks just like my son's college dorm except MUCH neater....LOL

  9. Ah...very cute dogs :)

    Nice to hear your son is now in barracks. Ever step gets better.

  10. Abuse, pure and simple!! At least that's what those poor dogs look like they're saying. However we all know they look adorable! Your husband must have a great sense of humor.

  11. I don't know your husband, but I already like him. That is hilarious!


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