Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pleasing MY Palate

Yesterday, Michael posted about the "spaghetti cake" he made at the start of the weekend (forced to by Peter is the story I've heard). It sounded delicious to me and the deliciosity coincided with grocery shopping day. I'll let you read the specifics on Michael's blog, but I did make a couple of changes I'll show you below. I also increased portions since I'm cooking for increased servings. The main reasons for this post, however, are because (1) it's yummy and yummy should be shared, and (2) I thought Michael would like to see that his new blog is actually making a menu impact.

We had steak fajitas the night before so I had leftover meat. I shredded it up a la food processor and added the meat layer over the pasta.

Michael used cottage cheese. I used ricotta.

Michael finely grated his Asiago cheese. I couldn't find that insert for my grater so we got shreds.

Dinner is served!


  1. The Shredded cheese looks great! I'm coming over for dinner....keep a portion warm for me. I AM very pleased that someone is finding my blog useful. Thanks for the plug.

  2. That sounds so good - and easy!

  3. It does look good. Nice that you're making your guys have salad with it.

  4. YUM!! that looks good! Even better w/o the pasta! tee hee! maybe spaghetti squash! I love baked pasta dishes, tho, in all honesty. Since we've moved to this part of Dallas I cannot find a good ol' baked ziti dish anywhere! You know, the white stoneware dishes full of pasta and sauce and then heated until it's full of nearly burned to the plate deliciousness? those...no where to be found here. arg. THAT looks way better than the beans and spinach I'm having for lunch!

  5. Palette, palate... hmm... I hope you like the color combinations! Sorry, couldn't resist- it's the English teacher in me!

  6. Thanks Johanna. I know the difference but apparently typed the wrong word anyway.


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