Monday, September 26, 2011

More Outfit Pics

Are you getting tired of seeing me posing in the mirror talking about clothes? Don't answer that.

I think it was Julie who asked how I do good mirror shots. Well, Julie, as you'll see below — it's a total crap shoot. I turn off the flash, try to hold the camera as still as I can when I'm too lazy to get out the tripod, and then snap a billion of each pose and weed out the best. I'm not always successful. Some of these are the "best" of really bad and blurry.

So, this is what I wore today. I think this is my first repeat at the office, but I didn't take a pic of me in it the first time. It was Monday, I stayed up too late last night, and I knew this would be comfortable — plus it was clean, pressed and ready. I also remembered that last Monday I was almost too warm in a sweater. Today? I was cold again. I really need to make or buy some sort of shawl that I can toss over my knees in the afternoon. It's my bare/un-PH legs that get the coldest.

I made everything. The top is Vogue 8118 (OOP), which I made 3+ years ago. The skirt is the half-lined Burda I just made. And the cami is self-drafted and made from ivory Powerdry. I'm so glad the cami fits again. The top is sheer, but not as sheer IRL as it looks here. I even made the undies I'm wearing but I'm not modeling those.

Although I said I'd do pics on me when I had the coordinating skirt sewn, I went ahead and snapped a pic with today's skirt because I hadn't even tried on the finished blouse after closing up the sewing room last night. It was too late and I was in too-big pants that wouldn't have looked right with it anyway. I'm very happy with the fit and style and I'll be making another top from this pattern very soon, with a sleeve cap fix.

Next, on to another Walmart purchase. This is the Before so don't panic, and I know it's completely unflattering in this state. But it was only $7 on clearance and it's my colors (brown and teal), and I'm thinking I can refashion it …

… to something like this:

It's got a shirred elastic waist but I think I can just cut the top off above the elastic, shorten it, and hide the seam in the blousing. Plus take in the sideseams and sleeve seams. For $7, it's worth a try.

Here's what I'm wearing now, from the back of my closet. Both of these will be going in the too-big box after this wearing. The top is an Onion pattern and is quite baggy and too long. The pants waist comes up to my bra line. Hah. (Speaking of bras NancyK, I don't need an actual "fitting," since I'm pretty good at knowing if a bra fits me properly. I've already bought a few in smaller sizes so I'm good in that department.)

Tonight I'm going to catch up on some DVR'd TV shows so there won't be any sewing. It was also pouring rain on the way home so I didn't stop at Joann's either. There's always tomorrow. I think before I make a skirt, though, I'm going to be making a quick top that I can wear with a sweater I bought last week. And then a denim skirt for Friday, although I'm thinking that Rachel skirt would be great for a denim skirt (especially after seeing Julie's), so you may just get me yet Carolyn. ;-)


  1. I LOVE the Butterick top you just made. It looks so good on! What a great wardrobe staple!

  2. I like the second picture the best. Something - buttons down the front or the dip of the center front hem - makes you look more trim.

  3. I used to keep a piece of polar fleece - in a pretty print that was a remanent. It was the width of the fabric and about 2/3yd wide. Perfect to drape across my knees and legs when they would get cool in the air conditioning or even around my upper arms or shoulders like a shawl. Got a lot of use out of that piece of fabric.

  4. Can't you wear pants to work? That would take care of the cold leg problem.

  5. I love that new top with the tie belt. Very nice! And Julie's skirt is amazing - I've pulled that pattern. Can't wait to see yours. g

  6. I think your new top looks great!

    I'm not sure about the Rachel skirt though -- something about those pockets seems like they would be visually awkward? I could be wrong, but I've only ever seen the skirt photographed on mannequins rather than a human being.

    It IS hard to find good denim skirt patterns these days. Seems like everything is designed for silky fabrics or lightweight cottons.

  7. Mmm. Unless they're paying you a whole lot more than seems possible, repeating outfits is perfectly OK :-). Recommended, even.

  8. Oh, and I forgot to say, even if it's your legs that are cold, I think a shawl on your shoulders eventually has the same effect as a lap blanket (keeping you warm) but looks a lot more together for the office.
    Now I've worked places where we made a point of putting on the mittens and wrapping ourselves in old army blankets to go into the machine room, but that was making a point. And you're still new there, looking like you're just missing the couch at home isn't cool.

  9. Thanks for the fashion show! Your new blouse looks terrific. You are lookin' good! I won't tell anyone that you wore the same outfit twice to work.:) Even at your rapid sewing pace, I bet that it happens again.

  10. I like the refashion of the Walmart's top so I hope you get to that one soon!

    Can I tell you how much I'm enjoying your journey of building a new work wardrobe?!

    And once you make the Rachel Skirt, you'll make more! I know because I incorporated those pockets into a dress and have another dress on the cutting board!

  11. I like Becky's suggestion on the fleece. Though down in Florida, you may not have any fleece remnants! So good to hear in your postings how happy you are. congratulations on the new job, etc!


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