Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh Thank Heaven

Yes!! I am FINALLY done with the Panty Project (KS2908, modified, before you ask). They still need a trip through the laundry so the elastic shrinks back up. I love wearing my self-made panties and I will definitely avoid buying any RTW for as long as I'm able to sew, but truth be told, I hate sewing them. Well, what I really hate is sewing them assembly-line style. Maybe I ought to just knock out one or two pairs at a time every six months instead of attempting EIGHT. Urg. The mojo ought to deal with two with more enthusiasm. OK, not enthusiasm exactly, but tolerance.

But, really, I probably don't need to sew panties again for another five years. For kicks, I revisited my first real post on this blog, which was panty sewing. And I saw that every single pair from that 2006 post was still in circulation. Not from desperation, though, but because they were still in pretty good condition (with one exception) and still fit fine (through up and down weights too, go figure — although they DO fit better now).

This is the photo from back then:

This is the photo from 15 minutes ago:

One pair from the top photo is currently in the wash. Another (lower left corner) I tossed tonight because I noticed tiny fabric fatigue holes forming in a weird place and, well, I have a gazillion pairs now, because not only do I have these old ones and the new ones, I also have others I made in between.

But some are favorites and some are worn with certain outfits. Do you do that? Have panties you prefer with jeans and others you prefer with officewear, and then those that have seen better days for "those" days of the month? I hope so, or else I'm just weird.

This is the white tee I sacrificed for crotch linings. (Lord help me on the spam I'm going to get on this post with both panties and crotches. lol) After cutting what I needed, I stuffed it into my lingerie (oops, another spamtastic word) elastic bin so that maybe I can find it next time I am delusional and decide to make panties from scraps.

So, enough about my underwear. Under where? Under there! Sorry, that just popped into my head.

These are the patterns I'm contemplating for my next project. Unfortunately, the Vogue on the left has had mostly bad reviews, but at least I'll be forewarned. Maybe I'll consider it a personal challenge. ;-) The HP on the right I can see as a 2-piece dress (otherwise known as a skirt and top). The only problem I see with it is that I can't wear another layer over top (especially the top on the left which is my first choice), so will it be warm enough in my office? I'll ruminate over these and suitable stash fabrics while watching the rest of the football game tonight. (Looks like Tony Romo still ain't making it to the playoffs.)

Tomorrow will include some work I need to do (yay overtime, and from home), and a trip to Joann's for thread and purse interfacings. If I've decided on a pattern, I may even get to start on a muslin.

And with that, I'm off to toast the completion of the Panty Project. I'm very sure I deserve it. ;-) It's not Bailey's (my preference), but it's close, and a LOT cheaper.


  1. I'll post the first comment (which won't be spam!). Yea for you for finishing up. I've got two pairs of undies on my sewing table that I want to clear off. I do the "two pairs a month" rather than 20 pairs a year (I just couldn't sit through doing it all at once. I much prefer what I make, although got some nice ones for Christmas this year.
    Happy New Year - I'm a Baileys and hot chocolate fan myself!

  2. I'm impressed by the panty workshop though I don't understand it! :) That is one garment I will continue to purchase.

    Both patterns are interesting choices...can't wait to see which one you decide to make.

  3. Yay for completing a sewing chore!

    Enjoy that liqueur. You deserved it. :D

  4. I have a panties pattern and fabric that's been in my queue for a good year now. Still haven't done anything about it ... maybe that should be my new years resolution!

  5. Iwant to make panties. You are an inspiration. Enjoy a well deserved nip. I need to quit reading blogs and sew. Happy New Year.


  6. Looks like you have created the Mother-Load of Unmentionables. Other than laying them out like this they are definitely hard to 'show-off'!!!
    I think they are brilliant - you will be putting Bond's out of business at this rate ...

  7. Debbie - that collection of knits that you actually liked at JAF, Fashion Ration, has been clearanced, so if you want to pick up some of the knits for the new, smaller you, you can get them at a good price thru the 2nd (might be thru the 7th, haven't looked at my flyer, bad me), as they are half-off the clearance price right now.

    Maybe you could knock out a pair of panties when you sew up a knit top, and just consider it a bonus piece?

  8. After making that many panties, you deserve a real Baileys. Cheers.

  9. I never made panties, but reading your post reminded me that I took apart and copied some cotton lycra nursing bras the last time I had watermelon boobs and my life revolved around an always-hungry infant. Must have been at least eight years ago -- wow! Somehow I had blocked all of that out... ;-)

    You know what scares me about panties? I'm afraid of elastic unless it goes in a casing! The one time I tried to sew on elastic was when I was making a bunch of fitted sheets (shouldn't have bought those stupid extra deep mattresses for the kids' beds). I don't know if I was using the wrong kind of elastic for the project, if I was stretching it too much as I was serging, or if my stitch length was too short, or what, but the elastic got all wavy and ugly on every single sheet. Not the end of the world for a bed sheet, but I can't have wavy leg holes on my underpants! Otherwise I'd love to try panties. I like the idea of having matching panties for each top -- you know, in case of a car accident you can REALLY impress the paramedics!

  10. That is a tedious sewing project. I have yet to perfect my undies pattern, so I continue to buy them.

    I'm a cheapskate, and I buy that brand of booze, too!

  11. Debbie, what specific knit fabric are you using? Love the prints. some of the pics looklike there is a full lining. Or is th wrong side of the fabric really that white? I drafted my pattern from Sewign Lingerie that Fits by Karen Morris. My fabric is Silkweight Polartec, boting but serviceable.

  12. What a great collection! I cut out a few pairs of panties whenever I have my scrap basket out, or, if I'm really efficient, at the same time I cut out the original garment. Then I sew up a couple of pairs whenever I'm having a sewing slump--when the muslins disappoint, when I'm sick of the endless project, when I don't have any good ideas at all. Sometimes just decorating a plain cotton jersey pair with some interesting lace scraps will make me feel creative and productive.

    I like Jodie's suggestion--a couple of pairs a month might be fun.

  13. I am in awe that you crank out panties like that. And that you have special panties for certain outfits.

    But enough about panties -- Happy New Year!

  14. Great going on the panty workshop Debbie. I have the pattern but have yet to make it up. Happy New Year!

  15. I have the pattern, I have the material, I have the notions. Unfortunately since I decided to destroy the house by renovating one bedroom. I can't get at any of it. One more reason to hurry up, so I can get my house back in order and make something small and soft like underwear.

  16. I keep saving my knit remnants to make panties, but I've never been bold enough to dive in and actually make a pair. Good for you! I must read the rest of your posts to see how it's done...

  17. Love the knicker pile!I have had a couple of attempts at making them and mean to make more.


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