Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sewing Weekend, Part 1

(No, this is not a plaid Magic Pencil skirt, but that's coming.) I've had this sweater knit for a couple of months and it caught my eye one evening this past week and told me it needed to be sewn NOW. I didn't argue. I even picked out a pattern during the week and managed to get the tissue pressed and cut on Thursday, the one night in the last couple of weeks that I actually left work on time. Yesterday was another late one, with more coming next week. But I don't mind, and I love those overtime infused paychecks. Perfect for more SHOES. ;-)

I started cutting the fabric about 11 AM and then constructed until about 5 PM, with a LOT of breaks like dog outings, lunch, laundry. So it wasn't a solid 6 hours. Probably more like 4 and a good chunk of that time was spent making a perfect narrow hem on the bottom peplum/flounce. I decided to do a good job on this one and slow it down. Plus, I had my eyes half on catching up on the first 5 episodes of the new American Idol auditions, which is my favorite part of the show next to Steven Tyler doing anything. (My first-born son isn't named Tyler for naught!)

There was a little bit of potential trickiness around the neck/shoulders sewing the continuous neckband on with a pivot, but I paid attention to what I was doing and it went well. It's a nice design feature, giving the cardi princess seams on the front and a more shaped collar band in the back, with forward-sitting shoulder seams. The sleeves are sewn in the round by necessity due to the order of construction and they are actually decent sleeves that don't wrinkle/fold when my arms are hanging down. I left off the flounces at the wrists because they'd just get in my way and I really don't need any extra flounce at the hip on top of the peplum/flounce.

I cut a straight 16 and made no alterations and I'm happy with the fit. If I make it again, though, I will shorten the upper bodice a little so the "waist" seam hits me higher and the cardi ends up shorter. But that's a personal preference thing, not a fit thing, because the lengths on me are pretty much just like the envelope. I'll model it as soon as I figure out what the heck to wear under it. So right now, it's a semi-orphan but it won't be for long because I really want to wear it.

Here's the pattern envelope and line drawings, since I always want to see those when someone else blogs about weird pattern pieces. Piece 4,5,6,7,8,9 are what's relevant here.

As soon as I post this, I'm heading back to the sewing room to cut out and sew that plaid Magic Pencil. Tomorrow, I'll be sewing the top from the solid, around fitting in a trip to the grocery store.

I had thought I had this pattern in my stash …

… but it turns out I have this one instead, the Plus version. Sigh. It's too big now. So I think I'm going to try morphing the neck treatment onto my Ottobre tee, which itself is too big but I can just sew bigger sideseams to fix that. I'm going for the red-misses/blue-plus top, not the dress.

Speaking of shoes, my Zappos order arrived Thursday and is already on its way back. I struck out. One pair was too big and I was stepping right out of them and the other pair was iffy, even though I loved how they looked. I just don't do iffy anymore, and definitely not with 3-4" heels.

My Coldwater Creek order arrived Friday and I have some keepers. I'm sure I'll stage a modeling session soon. Wait 'til you see the skirt I forgot I ordered. It's SO ME. One blouse will have to go back, even though I love it. It's too tight in the bust and the sleeves are gorilla length. I wish there was a pattern somewhere for it, because I'd love to have one that actually fits (although I don't know how much I'd love to be sewing charmeuse!). In fact, I wish there were patterns for everything I bought. None of it is complex, but I just don't have time to try to draft each of the unique style elements. This is why I've been known to buy doubles and take one apart for a pattern. I'm almost tempted, but not at Coldwater Creek prices, even sale prices.


  1. Great to see this pattern sewn up. I meant to sew it last winter in a merino wool but...yada, yada, yada. Yours looks wonderful so it's back on my list for this coming autumn. Let's see if I get around to it this time. :)

  2. This sweater knit looks like it will go with items in my wardrobe. Good choice on leaving the wrist ruffles off. They'd probably drag through my dinner.

  3. Love the cardi. Fabric is great. I have this pattern and I think I will now include it in my 2012 plan (my plan is changing every minute - so much for having a plan!!!). Can't wait to see the pencil skirt - I ordered a copy of the pattern after reading your review of one on PR. Just waiting for it to arrive. Thanks for the reviews.

  4. I love the fabric you used for this cardi. Interesting pattern. I can't wait to see your skirt made up. I have this pattern in my line up as well.

  5. I love that Simplicity cardi. Very cute!

  6. Great sweater, love the princess seams.

  7. Cardi looks great. I muslined that KS top (the misses' version) and there was something totally weird going on with the sleeve and the armscye - I couldn't get one in the other to save my life, and I checked my tracing and cutting. So I'd say your plan to morph the neck detail onto a TNT pattern is a good one; that's what I was going to do but haven't gotten around to it yet.

  8. Very pretty I can imagine this will be very versatile.

  9. Oh I like that Simplicity 2148. Darn Simplicity is so expensiove here, but that one might be worth it.....

  10. Great fabric... it should look wonderful with your coloring.

  11. That's a cute cardigan and I just love the sweater knit. I don't have this pattern in my collection, but I may consider it next time.


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