Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random Thoughts - The Photo Edition

1. This stuff is great. If you color your hair, buy it.

2. See. While my undyed hair is/used to be pretty much this red color and my roots are not glaring, I do have grays and they show up in the growth, especially at temples/forehead. Ug. All gone for another month. At $1.99 per box on sale, I bought 3 the other day. 

It was beauty day today. I got my nails done this morning and gave myself a semi-pedicure (trim, repolish)

3. These are snakeskin with a faint leopard print, black shiny heels, and big gold buckles. Sitting down pics because I can keep the camera steadier this way, not because I'm lazy. ;-)

4. Mustard with a croc texture, 1/2" platforms, pointy toes.

5. Brown, with a bigger croc texture, 3/4" platforms. Awesome, no? Actually, they are all awesome. How will I ever decide? But another good thing about Zappos is that I have 365 days to decide, as long as they stay unworn, so I will see where my sewing (and buying) leads me before I make a final decision.

6. These are the shoes I last bought but didn't get a good pic of. Brown "penny loafer" pumps. Saucy secretary vibe, right?

7. Burda knit wrap/tie top from a few years ago. Remember how popular it was? I had outgrown it for a few years but I pulled it out this morning. It's now loose in the hips so it has a peplum thing going on. I kinda like that.

8. The dirty secret? I have to pin the underlayer to my bra so it stays up.

9. Both bodice pieces complete and attached to the back, sleeves sewn. STUPIDEST bodice design ever, and really up there for poor drafting (those sleeves). There is absolutely no reason for dolman in the front and set-in in the back. It's the mullet of sleeve design, and it's a total royal pain in the ASS to sew.

10. If I make this again, I would just cut off that horrible sleeve and morph a good sleeve and armhole onto the pattern. It would be very easy to do (see the pic), and I'm still considering it for this version. It will mean ripping out those painful sleeves and sideseams which is fiddly in a poly knit. I'm going to go try on the sleeves one more time and then decide one way or the other. I really like the rest of the design of the dress so I don't want to give up completely. But the mullet sleeves? Reeee-dic!

11. Part of the fabric delivery from Friday. The plaid is a rayon knit which will become a Magic Pencil skirt. The knit solid will be a top to match. It will be very cute, and NOT brown. ;-)

12. I took 43 pics just to get these 11.Crazy.


  1. I too just took 8 zillion photos of freakin' fabric to get 6 usable ones. How can that be?

    And I love the snakeskin shoes. They fit you very nicely!

  2. My grays always appear along my part regardless if I part my hair on the left or right.... uggh. Cute shoes and like the first pair, 3rd pair and the penny loafer. Thanks for the sleeve issue with that dress, which I purchased during joanns last pattern sale. Is that fabric burgundy.. so liking the idea of a plaid magic pencil skirt.

  3. Picture #11 will be a very cute outfit! Zappos probably has you on "speed ship" by now, with the way you're finding adorable shoes there. I have so few grays that my hair just looks a little lighter these days. But I learned from my Grammy that a lady never goes gray, she goes blond, so I'm vigilant!

  4. Love the shoes. I'm so envious. I can't wear shoes like that anymore. They make my feet hurt terribly. But I can drool over them especially when an acquaintence shows off. My pics are just about as bad. If I'm in a hurry, I takes pics on the dressform. I know it's not as good, but I don't always have time to take 6 pics; run upstairs to preview/edit; take more; rinse repeat.

  5. I just love how much fun you are having! It's really nice to see. :)

  6. Hi Debbie.
    I think your blog is my favourite out of all the blogs I speed read! You are open, don't carry on about your life like a drama queen and have lots of pics to keep us happy.
    Thank you for your efforts. Love ALL those shoes! So happy for you with the weight loss too.

  7. Second the Clairol recommend. I love that stuff. I recently started coloring my hair at home-- I did it to save $100 in December. So I used that first. When it started fading I used the Freida foam hair color that worked very well for me! It looked very much like my salon color and my natural color.

    I have to say, I love the first pair of shoes you have modeled. We must be on the same frequency, I ordered a great pair of boots from QVC that actually fit my calves.

    BTW, you are looking great! Thanks for all your posts and tips on patterns. I have the magic pencil skirt on my project pile as well.

  8. The mustard pumps are awesome... zappos here I come!

  9. You know I made that same top out of that same fabric! Lucky we are on the other side of the world to each other. I would keep ALL of those shoes. I'm already planning what I'd wear with them.

  10. "It's the mullet of sleeve design . . .". LOL!!

    I love the mustard shoes and I love your random thought posts

  11. Great looking shoes! A woman can never have too many

  12. Love all the shoes! I need something to hide my greys between salon trips. Must look out for this.

  13. I love the imagery of the sleeve mullet.
    I'm really liking photo #11 - burgundy/wine plaid skirt.

  14. I haven't tried the root touch up yet. I didn't know it was so inexpensive. I need a touch up about every 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. Uck!
    I will have to look for it. Love the dress, dislike the sleeves. Love the shoes! Keep all of them!

  15. Is that the chateau single knit from That stuff IS awful, as I see you note in a later post!

  16. Is that the chateau single knit from That stuff IS awful, as I see you note in a later post!


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