Monday, January 30, 2012

What I Wore, What I Bought

Yay, I left work tonight on time, read some email when I got home, snapped some pics before I changed into my lounging clothes, ate some dinner, loaded up the pics, and sat down to my blog *before* 7PM. Overtime is nice, but so are days that end when they're supposed to. It was also nice to need my sunglasses for the whole drive home.

The morning started great, when my boss said good morning and then told me (unsolicited) that there is NO WAY they are letting me leave and that she and her boss are going to do everything they can to get me hired on permanently. It will mean making a case to the CFO for creating a new position, but they feel confident they have plenty of ammunition. Fingers crossed that it won't be too much longer. And the agency called today too, with the possibility of an interview somewhere else, which I said "Set up!" so as to hopefully invoke Murphy's Law. You know, the one where I'm offered TWO jobs. ;-) My boss also mentioned that all of my extra pitching in has not gone unnoticed, to which I replied, "Thank you! And, really, I would feel bad if I didn't do what was needed to be done." (And I would.)

So, yes, good day all around. :-)

Here's the windowpane plaid Magic Pencil skirt in action, instead of in a hanger shot. Well, if you can call standing still in front of a door "action." I love this skirt. It's comfortable, stylish, flattering, and doesn't wrinkle too badly after a whole day of wearing. I can't believe such a big plaid on my lower half is flattering, but it is.

Rear view, which looks poochy after all day, but I sit on my butt at a desk and then in the car so pooch happens. At least you can see the vent on this one.

Now onto the Coldwater Creek purchases. This skirt is a definite keeper and the thing I was saying was SO ME. You can't see much detail, but it's a lined mesh knit that is pleated on one side to give the look of a faux wrap. Very comfy, very flow-y, and I want a pattern for more! And I definitely have to get those arms one color before the heat arrives. Yikes.

This is a wrap top, but the underlayer doesn't go all the way down, which I like because it cuts down on bulk and cups under the boob to make the neckline stay in place. It has turquoise in the print, so with the brown, it is also very ME.

A very sheer organza blouse. I will wear a cami under this one. But I love those colors and for summer (which will probably be here in about 5 weeks), I'm imagining a coral or cream skirt instead of brown. I'm also thinking of chopping the sleeves to 3/4 or shorter, since they're too long for me anyway. I know I don't have short arms, so what's with all the gorilla sleeves?

This blouse already has 3/4 sleeves. Much better. It's a little snug, but I'm not popping buttons and I will shrink into it soon enough. For summer, I'm thinking a linen skirt to go with this one. And my leopard-y pumps.

A sleeveless, lined shell with cross-over tie thing at the vee neck, which you can't see at all in this pic. This one is actually a little big but I'm going to take it in at the sideseams and/or waist darts. I love the colors on me, so a little fixing up will be worth it. It will look good with that coral or cream skirt I'm already planning for the organza blouse.

The one heartbreaker of the bunch. This blouse is SO pretty. Off of me. It's got a flounce on one side and a banded vee neckline on the non-flounce side. I love the color, and the fabric feels like silk (but is washable poly). Unfortunately, it just doesn't fit and never will. It's too tight at the bust, too long in the sleeves, too "something" at the armholes, and it looks very boxy on me, which I didn't realize until I saw this pic. I'm sure I could copy it, but I probably won't. Oh well. They can't all be home runs and now I have an excuse to visit the brick and mortar CWC at the mall when I return it.


  1. The magic pencil skirt is amazingly flattering. Great CWC haul too! Fingers crossed on the job!

  2. You are an amazing "catalog" shopper! So many winners! That job mojo sounds good!

  3. Being that my last name is Murphy, I can bestow upon you the Murphy's Law blessing to be offered two jobs. *Alakazam* All done - don't say I never did anything for you!! ;)

    Loving the new clothes - you are lookin' mighty fine in them. I am especially partial to the 3/4 sleeve blouse on you - va va va voom!

  4. Look at you! Love your new magic pencil skirt and how bout them shoulders. You are rocking all your new duds--congratulations! So happy for you.

  5. Congrats on being so wanted!!! That is half the battle!

    You have some lovely work clothes there. I especially like that wrap top. I agree that the bottom top is not flattering.

    That is the power of photos. So often I think I look good (or at least ok) when I look in the mirror and see something completely different (in a horrible way) when I look at the same outfit in a photo.

  6. Great finds at CWC! The skirt is lovely on you also.
    That last top - I tried it on in a different color - looked very frumpish on me. Not really sure who that one is made for.
    Those two-toned Florida arms are looking thin!

  7. You definitely should buy something in that teal color, because it looks fantastic on you! Nice buys all around, and congrats on the job situation improvements! Soon you'll be running the place.

  8. I love your plaid skirt, and your shopping eye is great for what suits you - the non winning bottom shirt is a fabulous colour.
    The work situation sounds very promising, good luck!

  9. GReat choices that will give lots of versatility. You are looking wonderful.

  10. A great wardrobe here. Loving the tops - especially the cross over one.

  11. Great looking skirt, Debbie. Also, nice haul from CWC. Good luck with job, sounding very promising.

  12. Love the fashion show. You do so much more justice to the magic skirt than the hanger does.
    Hope they find the dosh to create a position for you permanently.

  13. Loved the fashion are looking fabulous! My maiden name was make that two Murphy's Law blessings coming your way!

  14. This is a compliment, 'tho you may wonder. I had that same outfit (the first picture) in high school. I remember because I recall looking so very cute in it. That's the same thought I had when I saw you. You look terrific.

  15. Pity about the fit of that last blouse - you really suit the colour.

  16. Well, aren't you looking fine, Debbie. You have so much to be proud of with your dieting and the sewing and buying! The clothes look great on you.

    Love your posts and thank you for your effort to keep us stalkers up to date with your progress.

  17. They all look lovely except for the one you don't like (I don't like it either -- the fit is SO off).

    I can't believe how much you get done in one day -- if I had to do even a tenth of your job, I'm sure I'd be on the floor by the end of the week, never mind sewing!

  18. Hope the job works out for you! Soooo nice to have hard work acknowledged!

    Love your new clothes! I like seeing all the photos. It's our own personal fashion show. :)

    That last top, the color is so good for you, but I think that fabric is too heavy for you. I also think shiny doesn't work for you, or at least so *much* shiny. And you're quite right about the arm-holes. That is one weird cut there.

    Looking at the other tops, I can see that 3/4 length sleeves are for you, long sleeved maybe not so much. I just realized that I need that too....long-sleeved anything throws off my balance somehow. But 3/4 length and a bracelet look great. Took my years to tumble to that one.

    Cracks me up what good luck you have catalog shopping. I always say no to what I see on-line, then fall in love with it in the store. Go figure.

  19. Hi Debbie! Your new clothes are so pretty on you! That color of the last blouse is lovely on you so find something that works in it-- it brings out your hair and eyes. LOVE the Orange too.

    Anyway, I was thinking after looking at your pics, do you have a square shoulder and if you do, do you incorporate alterations with it? I can't tell if it is your pose or not. I have squarer shoulders myself but usually have to shorten my patterns by 1/4 inch.

    Well, you are looking lovely and inspiring me to clean up my act diet wise. I've been looking at Archevore (NAYYY-- just in case you were interested).

    Good luck on the job front. I don't think they will let you go but if they have a little competition for you, it might add a little to your pay package --negotiate!

  20. wow, you have some pretty things...i *love* how beautiful you are in orange and red-orange. man, that is your color!


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