Monday, January 2, 2012

V1257: Pattern Tissue Evaluation

I was going to write this tonight and post it tomorrow morning, but I really suck at remembering that it's a scheduled post and writing in future tense so here it is now instead of later.

This is Vogue 1257, to refresh your memory.

All of the reviews on PR complained about the tight sleeve, and with good reason. Holy cow- the size 20 sleeve is 13" wide, *before* subtracting seam allowances.

I was thinking I'd have to add at least 4" inches, but then I actually measured my bicep and … well … Holy cow again. My bicep, *with a shirt on* is 13". When did THAT happen? So that's why the scale is still going down but my pants size isn't. Oh well, I'll just have to be patient. Thinner biceps are great for eliminating a pattern alteration. Well, except here.

I decided to add 2" as a starting point. This is not my idea for the alteration, although it's pretty easy to see the sleeve "piece" melded with the front bodice. Now. ;-) I saw this in a PR review and thought, "Brilliant!" It's your usual full bicep alteration if you're not familiar with it.

The is the pattern piece altered, and turned back so CF is vertical, so you can get an idea of the whole weird shape of it.

I cut the bodice at the size 16, but the sleeve at the largest size, 20, because of the drafting goof. And then I also blended to more width at hip, figuring I can always take it in if needed. Better safe than sorry.

And that's where I'm stopping for tonight because tomorrow it's Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Back to Work I Go and I need to go chill for a bit and then tuck myself into bed. But I've had a great weekend and I feel very productive. Got lots of errands done, the panties finally finished, some work this afternoon, some Sons of Anarchy watching, lots of football viewing, a couple of grown-up beverages, blog reading, and a new pattern pressed, cut and altered. I love these long weekends. And there's another one coming up in a couple of weeks. Yay!

Speaking of chill — it's going to be FREEZING here tomorrow (literally freezing tomorrow night), so I'm already thinking about what to wear, and tights will figure in to it. Too bad I don't have any full-length boots. But as a consolation, it will definitely be nice to pull a nice new pair of undies out of the drawer tomorrow morning. There's just something about new underwear that makes the whole day better, am I right? Even without boots. Hahaha!


  1. Your panties look great, and the pattern is lovely. You've certainly accomplished a lot for a long weekend. I just bought a couple of Kwik Sew patterns because I've been curious about them; one is for lingerie so that should be fun.

    I just learned about that method of pattern enlargement from one of the back issues of Threads online -- although they were using it to enlarge calves on pants, which is an issue for me. It seems like it would be very effective for those meaty areas.

  2. Doing well Debbie. All prepped up and ready to go. We are having a heat-wave here and you are freezing your butt off! Don't know what's worse. Yep....I do! It's the heat-wave. Can't be bothered doing a thing.

  3. I love your panties Debbie. One day I will get round to making some!! Like Pam I am in Australia -Perth W.A. and the weather is hot. I would love some cold right about now hehe.... Oh and thanks for your input about my pants fitting saga on PR. I have printed everything out and made some adjustments on the back, just need to do the front and I'm ready to muslin.

  4. Looking forward to see this dress come to fruition. I love the style of this particular pattern. (Some full length boots would look great with it!) Are you enjoying the chill in the air today? The wind was crazy last night!

  5. What a great post on pattern alteration! And I agree with you totally that starting the new year off with new panties is essential! I just ordered six pair from SOMA, and it never occurred to me to make my own like you did. Brilliant!

  6. Panties with boots. Hmmm. Never thought of styling them that way, lol. Have a lovely new year. Stay warm.

  7. Well, you had a very productive weekend. I hope your last post didn't earn you too many spam points ;) It's freezing here today, too. We topped out at 17, and are headed toward zero tonight. So what did I do to keep myself warm? Studiously ignored the 3 yards of sweater knit on my table, and read a couple of books instead. And today, back to the grind!

  8. I'm so get so much done with your 24 hours in a day! Great jobs on all your items. Seems like you are smiling much more often these days. (As also, with the man's compliment).

    Before you tackle the Vogue 1268, check out the PR review by SewRuth. She just completed it. Oh, you have a blog link to her too.

    Joy in Palmland


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