Saturday, March 24, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

I was paging through some of my pattern magazines today to see what was catching my eye. Pardon the burriness and overall poor quality but I was taking these pics as the magazines, notepad, pen, and I were sprawled across my bed. With two nosy dogs sniffing to see what was going on.

First is #128 from the 03/2007 issue of Burda WOF. It's a pretty dress with some nice details. Look at the back seaming — very interesting.

And #130 from the same issue. Nothing striking here except they look like a fast sew for some more summer capris but with a little more detailing.

This one is from Diana Mode, Nr.22/#17F (or however they number them). I like the use of trim and the basic shaping, even though the pinheaded model is swimming in this plus sized top and thereby doing everything possible to hide what could be a nice tee. This would also be an easy way to try out one of the Diana patterns without too much of a time investment.

The line drawing looks entirely boxy but the pattern pieces do have some shape.

This is a Patrones "Grande" jeans pattern from the 11/2006 issue.

Look at those pattern pieces. This may be just the thing my full thighs and caboose need. I'm going to try this in muslin if nothing else, just to see what I learn.

This skirt will be getting made soon — View D as on the adult model and in the upper left, the paneled skirt with the flounce. I like that this pattern is for knits. I think I'll get a slimmer fit since it won't need so much gathering at the top in order to make it past the hips. I can see this being a *very* comfortable skirt, almost like yoga pants but in a skirt. ;-)

Next, there's the latest issue of Ottobre Woman. I'm definitely trying one or two of the tees, the 10-gore skirt, and the drawstring bottom capris (without side cargo pockets though). I'd also like to try the flared curvy skirt but I may be tired of skirts by the time I get to it.

And finally, this 06/2005 #111 Burda WOF pattern that I've already made twice. I want to make it at least once more with short sleeves (longer than the cap sleeves shown) because it is one of my favorite tops both for comfort and flattering-on-me style. I just need to pick the fabric wisely for this since it may not look as nice on me in a less drapey knit. (Or, who knows, maybe it would.)

So, what to make next? Probably nothing until next week. Tonight my now 18-year old son is having a co-birthday bonfire party here with his girlfriend (hers was this past Monday) and 30+ guests. And tomorrow I really need to be doing some paperwork.

But if you had a vote, for which would it be? I'm thinking the Diana Mode tee because it will be fast. Of course, it's all subject to change on a whim since I haven't included my on-deck non-magazine patterns in the mix.


  1. the bwof 3/7 #128 is on my list, I have some dark orange linen that can work with it, I would love to see it made before I start, hint hint, lol

  2. Here's another vote for the BWOF dress! Such interesting lines! Really, haven't seen anything quite like that and although I don't subscribe, it certainly looks like a dress I would like to make....and wear. It looks very fashionable yet comfortable.

  3. Well I would vote for the dress out of BWOF as well.
    There you got it! :-)

  4. I'd like to see the dress in something springy! You'd look wonderful.

  5. the dress. and I want to know how I can get that pattern!!!!!

  6. please make up the jeans from 11/2006 issue...i am really intrigued by the pattern pieces too

  7. You have lots of back issues of BWOF too and they used to be plus size. I swear that the plus sized models lately are no bigger than the regular models! Like that top choice. What are you going to use for the trim? the dress is good too.

  8. I say go for the burda dress. I want to make that one myself, and I'm sure you will get to it before I do! I can't wait to see your PR review. (Are you feeling the pressure I'm so subtly applying?)


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