Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Miscellany

It's been a full two days since I committed to finishing those scrubs and still they are not done. I was all set to sew up a scrub storm on Wednesday but then I laid on my bed to read for a bit first and yep, out like a light. My sparse sleeping hours caught up with me. That's OK, I needed it.

I do have one of the tops finished and one to the point of hems. The other is still sitting on the cutting table. I had to switch gears with it. It was supposed to be made from my new crossover scrubs pattern but silly me neglected to look at the fabric requirements before ordering the fabric and, well, I'm short. By a lot. And there's no more to be ordered. I had already cut the back when I figured this out. Luckily, I could cut the back piece of the other pattern from it without losing a thing. So my sister won't be getting a new style this round. She'll live. ;-)

It's raining today so the dogs and I are inside but that means I'll have a few hours to finish up the scrubs (IwillIwillIwillIwill) before I need to get ready for dinner out tonight. It's my first-born son's 18th birthday today. How did THAT happen?

More than eighteen years ago a sonogram had told us we were having a son. I had wanted to have a daughter and was a bit sad that I wasn't. Then on the morning of March 16th, 1989 I was laying in the operating room of a Washington, D.C. hospital feeling weirdly outside of myself while my my abdomen was cut open for a planned C-section. Less than an hour later I was madly, deeply in love. Daughter? No way! I wanted a son, MY SON! Every day has been a joy with my "baby" and I feel privileged and proud to be his mother. I get glimpses of the man he is becoming, although he is still my little boy in some ways, and I like what I see. We've had a special bond since the day we officially met and we've always been close. I know we always will be, no matter where life takes him. Happy Birthday Tyler!


  1. happy birthday tyler! you've got a great mama who looks much too young to have an eighteen year old son.

    happy birth-day debbie! everyone tells you to savor every moment because the time flies by and we never believe them, and then it happens. :)

    now go sew those scrubs.

  2. Here's wishing Tyler a great birthday! I think first-born sons always have a special bond with their mama.

    My kids are way past their teens, but it just seems like yesterday that we were enjoying their senior year of h.s. and the opportunities awaiting. I have absolutely no idea where that time went, either!

  3. Happy Birthday Tyler...and yes Debbie, from your writings I have noticed that you are still madly in love with your first born.

    Isn't it funny, falling in love with your baby?!? Never felt that way for my first born was also a boy and I wanted a girl so badly...but once they are there I found it didn't matter what sex they are. I did get my girl, she is now 15yrs and I am very happy with her.


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