Sunday, March 18, 2007

Skirt and Top Sunday Plans

Tomorrow I'm planning to sew a non-wearable muslin for Butterick 4986. The pattern calls for bias cut wovens or stable knits but I see it as a stretchy knit.

I took out my TNT tee pattern and laid it over the Butterick tissue. It really looks like the bust fullness and underbust seam will be OK without alterations since I'm using a knit. But that's what the test is for. If I'm wrong, nothing lost and I'll make the alterations. But if I'm right, woo hoo! I did already narrow and square the shoulders as I was cutting the tissue but I do those as a matter of course on any pattern.

I'm also going to be working on one of these skirts (the third one from the left, the one without godets or flounces). The pattern is Cute Skirts from Favorite Things. After seeing the pattern, I can't believe I paid $10 (plus shipping) for it since it's so simple, but those pretty prints on the envelope pattern and inspiration from Beki's skirts left me weak and it was too easy to add it to the virtual cart with the rest of my order. Still, if I like the results and it sews up as fast as I'm expecting it to, it will be worth the price. I'll do a real muslin for this one too, just in case (and since my fabrics are sold out from

These are my next-up fabrics. The first is a cotton woven for the skirt from (I have another woven from this grouping if the pattern works. Those browns and paislies were really calling to me.) The other fabric below is a paler-than-it-looks-here cotton/Lycra knit from Belinda Down Under which I want to use for the Butterick top. The knit was part of my 2006 Summer SWAP but my plans were more enthusiastic than my sewing time and thus many of the fabrics are still stashed. Not to worry, they're looking good again for Summer 2007.


  1. I love the colors for these....I'm anxiously awaiting the final results!

  2. I like that top pattern, the longer one especially. Your fabrics are gorgeous. I'm really going to have to give a try. I've got a bunch of the light blue tops made and could soooo use that brown and aqua fabric for a skirt. Hee hee.

  3. Can't wait to see your results on the Butterick top! I love that pattern and was also going to make it in a knit. You'll have a great outfit in beautiful fabrics when you are done!

  4. Debbie - that is going to be a great outfit when finished. Love, love, love the brown and blue print! Happy Sewing Sunday. g

  5. Debbie, I have seen the same twist top as the Simplicity pattern, in RTW recently here in Oz.made up in a woven with a knit tank underneath. By coincidence, Simplicity had just released this pattern, which should be landing in my mail box any day now :)
    I am keen to see how your top works out.


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