Friday, March 30, 2007

Fickle is my middle name today

I got a call this morning that the appointment for which I'd been preparing paperwork has been moved to Monday afternoon. Which means I can procrastinate delay a bit on finishing that stuff. So, off to the sewing room I go. (But I was a good girl and laid down a coat of tape and mud on the new drywall in the family room first.)

I was all set to pick back up on the Diana Mode top but I really wasn't feeling it today. Instead, I was thinking about capris. I seem to be living in them these days and I want more. So I pulled out the March 2007 issue of Burda WOF to look at the capris I showed the other day. I started reading the construction info (I always read the instructions — I'm OCD that way) and at one point, they referred to another design for more construction steps. I flipped to that page and I was in love. I hadn't noticed these pants before but that's because (1) the magazine photo shows nothing about the design details (I hate that!) and (2) they're not plus sized. And so that's where the challenge begins. I've traced them and now I'm going to try to grade them up to fit me with a few considered slash/spreads. It may work or it may be a dismal failure. Either way, it will be fun trying to get there.

Stay tuned.


  1. Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog. Love those pics of Chile. That is one lucky dog to find such a good home. I bought the Burda WOF for March 2007 as I wanted to make that same dress that you mentioned. Also the capris. I don't wear shorts much anymore (except in the back yard at home) so capris seem to work for me. I have been working the past five weeks and will likely be there for a few more weeks so that really cuts into the sewing time. I am officialy retired...took an early retirement over a year ago but still go back into work when they need some help. They are good to me and pay me well so its not so bad. Haven't had much time to sew the past few weeks but I still buy fabric. I am addicted!!!
    Look forward to seeing more pics.
    Donna Wicks
    Edmonton, Alberta

  2. Hey Deb,
    DH just brought back two Diana Mode magazines from his trip overseas. Do you know are S/A included in the pattern or are they just like Burda. I tried translating some of the writing, but it is literal and makes no sense. And some words it doesn't translate at all. How did you get yours? It would be nice to find a source for more.

  3. Seems the capri or crops are just the thing for spring thru early least here in California..and in Florida..

    I just sewed up two pairs and I am cutting out my third pair today..from an ancient TNT Kwik Sew pattern. I make design changes so they don't get boring.
    I also sewed up a pretty rayon camp shirt, a short-sleeved shirt made out of oxford cloth (I will never use 1/4 " seams again) this cloth ravels terribly!...but the white long sleeved 100% cotton from JoAnn's turned out beautifully, using the techniques from the new P/P DVD. ..also made MCCalls 5328..a little to cutsy for me! ... threw away the pattern and havent worn the jkt/blouse as of yet.

    I too, enjoy your blog and sharing your daily experiences with your sewing, your family and your pooches.

    Have a great day sewing!

  4. Debbie, I'm guessing you're talking about #112, with the side seam moved to the front? To get the size right can you start with your size in #130, and then cut off part of the front (using #112 as a guide for the proportion) and add it to the back? Use #112 for the pockets and darts... Does this make any sense? I was just trying to figure out how to do it. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  5. I was feeling the need for shorts and capris, so I KWYM about that pull. I bought M5393 and will leave off the cargo pockets. Visited JoA's today and bought some colorful twill and perfected the patter yesterday. Am about to start on the muslin. I'm also going to make that latest twist top you did to go with them. The combo in orange might need me to turn down the volume, however. I hope you let me know what you think.


    Sorry I missed it!! Hope you had a great day! :) (ps...I had my eye on that paisley from FFC too. Looks good with the green!)


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