Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm in Diana Mode Mode

I've decided to start with this top from Diana Mode, mostly because it's going to be fast and easy. Ahem. Famous last words. Well, I hope it will be. We're going to be putting down new flooring in the family room toward the end of the week/weekend and I wanted a sewing project that I could work on (escape to?) in little bursts between floor laying and still make some progress.

So far, I've traced the pattern and have pinned it on Zillie for a first evaluation. The tracing was an adventure. If you thought Burda WOF was a challenge, you ain't seen nuthin'. Imagine 3 times more patterns per sheet and in only 2 colors, red and black. Then couple that with non-English instructions, and throw in a dash of middle-aged eyesight. Thankfully this pattern only has 4 pieces.

Nothing surprising here. I'll be doing an FBA.

The back is not too bad, although I may need to fold some length out above the waist. I'll wait to see how it is after I add to the hips.

Sidseams. Again, nothing surprising. I'll do the FBA to gain some width on the front and I'll slash/spread for some more caboose room.

I think the shoulders on this pattern are square-er than most others I've used, which is a good thing for me. Since I will be doing a muslin, I'm going to leave them unaltered for now and see how they fit. The armhole may need to come up a bit, but the FBA reshaping may fix that so I'll wait until the muslin for that too.

I wouldn't normally be doing a muslin for such a simple knit top but I want to really test this properly because there are a few more styles in the magazine that I like and which use some of the same (or very similarly shaped) pattern pieces. The other reason is my stash is just overflowing and I need to actually use some of those knits I bought for testing. And we won't mention that even more fabric is on the way. Oh. Whoops.

I will be making that Burda WOF shirt dress very soon so hang in there if that was your "vote." In the comments, someone mentioned a hesitation about the puffy sleeves. To me, they are more like the essence of puff. Not quite a full puff going on, so the effect will be more subdued and appropriate for my puffy arms. At least that's what I'm thinking now. I also need to decide on a fabric for that. I've got some linens, but I'm not sure if I have THE linen.

Oh, and speaking of comments … I have a favor to ask. If you comment anonymously, would you mind giving me a hint of who you are. A name? Initials? I'm just curious is all. Thanks! :-)

Now I'm off for an overdue haircut. I shall be so glamourous upon my return. Until we hit the dogpark.


  1. Debbie, are you sure you aren't trying that pattern on my dress form. I'm surprised you haven't been doing these patterns in PMB since you've got such great results with it in the past.

  2. YAY, I am happy you have decided to do the BWOF dress, I have the fabric but like most things, BWOF patterns are so iffy sometimes with the directions, so I can't wait to see you do it, so now I have to officially stork your blog :-)

  3. I love this top. A good change from all those twist tops seem to be obsessed with! I think that this will be very nice with capris. I did a google search for Diana Mode and only came up with a limited site in German. No pix so I don't even know if that was the right site. Where did you get this pattern?


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