Thursday, March 29, 2007

Not Sewing

Here's yet another not-sewing post. I've got a bunch of paperwork to do over the next two days and then DH will want me to start in on the family room floor (well, I want the floor too, just not the work!) so the sewing will be slow around here until next week. My Diana Mode top remains on Zillie as you last saw it.

Does that stop me from buying fabric? Hah! This arrived this morning. The fabric inspector gives his approval. So do I! These are rayon/Lycra knits from Lucy's Fabrics. They are more beautiful in real life than in either Lucy's or my photos. And Belinda, if you're reading, these are more of the *good* rayon knits. Luckily for you, they're not your colors. ;-) Unluckily for me, new swatches were also packed in the box and I couldn't resist ordering yet more. I'm pledging to use many TNT patterns over the spring and summer so I can sew the stash down faster and have more clothes to actually wear instead of just dreaming about. We'll see how that works out. ;-)

These Sophia doubleknits arrived yesterday, from Ressy's coop. These are also quite lovely but more wintery so they'll go through the laundry room and then be put away for a few months (at least). Ressy almost tempted me with the first round of Juliette knits and she's making it hard to resist the more springy colors & coordinates currently being offered. So far, I'm being strong so don't you go pointing that wand at me Miss Evil Fabric Queen!

Speaking of the family room, I know you've been on the edge of your seat waiting to see what the fireplace looks like now. OK, maybe not, but here it is anyway. Still need to tape & mud the seams on the patches to each side, and then cover the fireplace hole with more drywall (which,(shhh!, we're not going to make pretty because it won't show). DH has used expanding foam and fiberglass insulation to fill in the gaps the brick used to cover. Our electric bills are high enough without sucking out more A/C and heat through all of that. The huge jumble of wires is from the TV. I can't wait until we can get that cleaned up and our surround sound hooked up again. (The boys say, "Me too!")


  1. Hi, Debbie-- such nice new fabric!!! Do you have any idea how heavy or not the Juliette knits are? I saw them too and was very tempted. Also, I was wondering where you got the mint green knit that you made the twist top to go with the green skirt? Do you know the one I mean? I'm looking for some very light weight knits for t-shirts because it's over 100 degrees here for a lot of the summer. I'm also looking for non-wrinkle twill for pants if you happen to know a good place for that....Thanks Susan C

  2. Susan,
    No, I don't know which top/skirt you mean. Help??

  3. Ah Ha! Now I know who ordered all the Western print rayon/Lycra knit from Lucy’s so that she was out when I tried to order some!!!!! I blame you! Of course DH would praise you because he is pretty sure that I could sew for 10 years & still not use up my stash. Humph! Men!

    The family room looks like it is moving a long nicely!

  4. I love that second rayon print on the right. OOOOh, makes me want to shop :)

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one not getting a whole lot of sewing in this week.

  5. Nice fabrics!

    That fireplace looks like a big job. We keep debating what to do with our big monster fireplace, but the thought of all that works keeps me from making a final decision. I'll just enjoy watching the progress on yours.

  6. Hi, Debbie. The one from McCalls 4986. Sorry, I had already written the comment and didn't want to go out to get the pattern number...I really like that pattern too. I'm going to pick it up when McCalls is on sale again.

  7. Susan,
    I think you mean the recent Butterick 4986 twist top?? That fabric was sent to me from Australia. Sorry. The Juliette knits are lighter weight but with the poly, I'm not sure how cool they will feel (or not). Search on for some nice knits at reasonable prices. also has some aqua but a bit more expensive. HTH

  8. Thanks for the help, Debbie. Sorry I got the pattern # wrong. I was at work trying to set up my weekend sewing quickly while, well, um, working :)


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