Sunday, March 4, 2007

Twistin' the Night Day Away

I'm now putting this pattern away for awhile … because this one is a keeper. Finally.

After the stripes experiments, I knew I wanted to try a print. But I also knew I wanted the seaming to show somehow. I decided to cut the twist bodice piece apart and do some colorblocking. I'm very happy with how this turned out. Without a trial, I pretty much had to just guess where to slice the pattern. I think I landed pretty darn close to the right spot. Sure, I could have a squidge more length on the print section before it starts the twist, but anyone that close to see is either going to be DH (who wouldn't know the difference) or someone that is too close overall.

Here's a close-up (remember to click on 'em for the big versions) of the twist where you can see that I used a narrow coverstitch for topstitching the green sections.

Here's another close-up of the neckline, which was just turned and coverstitched (before I twisted the twist and attached the lower bodice section).

I'll be writing a review later to consolidate all of the information but it's much too nice outside to sit here and do that right now.

I'm thinking about making this a (free) downloadable pattern. Of course it would only be available in one size (mine, which is between 16 & 18 RTW on top). Is this of interest to anyone (besides Bev :grin: )? Leave a comment and let me know. If there's genuine interest, my arm can be twisted (pun intended) very easily.

I haven't done anything more than prewash the fabric for my sister's scrubs. I'm hoping to start and maybe finish cutting those out tonight. I probably won't finish though, since I just remembered I'm going to have to make alterations on the new pattern. But once they're cut, the sewing will be very quick.


  1. BesidesBev says: here's hoping there are others chomping at the bit for that pattern! (And I'll bet there are!)

    You must take a picture sometime of you in your final top. Looks great! Cute print!

  2. That wouldn't fit me, but I have a friend that I'd try making it for!

  3. love the color blocking...but you know my affinity for colorblocking. i would be interested in the pattern, even if it is not in my size. i had plans to draft my own from the screen shots.

  4. coming out of lurkdom to say that I would love to have a copy and that size seems right for me. Alison in Mississippi

  5. I love the contrasting twist - it's a great feature!

  6. Such a great top. Not my size either, but I would love to download and convert to my size using my sloper. I actually liked some aspects of the stripes, not the back however.

  7. I would like the pattern and the size is just right. Debbie, I love your dog. You are right he is smiling. Both of your dogs are too cute. Makes me want to get one. Lucky you!!

  8. I would like to compliment you on the great tutorials you share with everyone--I have watched the metamorphasis of this top and would love to have the pattern as well.

    It is CUTE!

  9. I'd love to try the top too, and the size should be about right. I like the colorblocked effect on this version, very cute.

  10. Yes please Debbie! I would LOVE to try this top. It's gorgeous.

    If you do make a pattern available, could you put your measurements somewhere on the pattern? It would help others to adjust the pattern to their own size. And putting them on the pattern is more... ahem... discreet than publishing them on the web.

  11. Hi Debbie - now this version looks really nice. Would love to see it on you. Love the colors. I'd be interested in giving this pattern a try as well.

  12. Debbie, your top is terrific! I love the color-blocking. Bonus for me is making the twist so much more visible. Thanks for the details!


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