Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Goofy Dog & GF Birthday Pillow

I ask, how can anyone not love this face?

Remember when I said that Chili smiles? I was trying to get photographic evidence yesterday but he was so wiggly. This is the best I could get.

It's hard to capture the goofiness because it tends to look like a full-on dog snarl in a still photo, but trust me, it's not. He is definitely happy. Oh, and excuse the rug full o' dog hair — I'm still having vacuum issues. (One being that I haven't.) ;-)

I'm hoping to finish my skirt and top this afternoon after I get back from some errands, but one project that did get completed yesterday was the tee shirt pillow DS made for his girlfriend's birthday. He really did do everything himself. I chalked out the cutting lines on the tee shirt and rethreaded my machine in black, but then he took over and rotary cut it, sewed the seams, stuffed the pillow form in plus some extra stuffing in the corners, and then hand-sewed the opening closed (which I had pinned for him). I had suggested adding a ruffle trim but he vetoed the idea by saying it would be too girly for him to do. The logic of making something girly for a girl was lost on him.


  1. Have you seen the movie, "Because of Winn Dixie?" That dog smiles for sure! I wondered if they did something computer-y to it to make it look like it was smiling, but maybe it's just another smiley dog.

    I love the idea that it's too "girly" for him to make. Boys!


  2. Yay! I finally got a comment to post!


  3. THAT is definitely a dog smile. Many dogs smile with their tails - Chili is definitely and "tooth smile!" So cute! And the pillow looks great (as does your son).

  4. DS not wanting to add a ruffle just cracked me up. My son would have thought the same thing!

    Love your smiling dog pictures. He really looks like he'd be a fabulous pet. We have 2 old cats who...well, just LAY there, y'know? Play when they could sleep instead? Ha.

  5. I love Chili! That's definately a smile! lol,
    Jeannie W.

  6. I can totally see why you adore that puppy face. Too dang cute. :) I think it's great your son sewed that pillow himself. GF is one lucky girl. Lace or no lace.

  7. I laughed out loud at this - yes literally!!! Your son is quite handsome! I have a 21 yo son, and I couldn't IMAGINE him even contemplating SEWING something, so you really need to give a him big pat on the back -- heck, I have an 19 yo dd, and SHE doesn't even know the first thing about sewing.

    I've read your blog off and on over the past several months, and I really enjoy it, AND learn alot!
    Thank you sew much!!!
    LOVE that skirt!!! The colors are sew "IN".

    PS I have to figure out what my google will allow me do as far as NOT being anonymous

    "the logic of making something girly for a girl was lost on him".


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