Monday, March 5, 2007

Afternoon stroll through the woods

At the other side of the woods in our back yard you come out on a narrow road and just across that narrow road is this field. The specks in the distance are a herd of goats. Nannies, billies & kids. All cute and very friendly. Especially if you're loaded up with leftover bok choy and a bag of carrots like we were.

All 3 of my "kids" had fun with the goats. Chili and Pepper were alternating trying to get inside the fence with them or barking furiously. Every once in a while a goat would ram up against the fence as if to tell the dogs to Shut Up! ;-) And they would … for about 5 seconds. Alex enjoyed his role as goat-herder and feeder.

The changes in Pepper since Chili's arrival and from all the time spent socializing with other dogs at the dog park is amazing. She was right in the thick of things staring down those goats and barking like a "real" dog. Two months ago, she would've turned tail and pleaded to go back to the comfort of the house.

While we were out Tyler returned home and, finding the house empty, called to see where we were. About 30 seconds later, we heard one of our ATVs heading toward us and then there he was. He missed the goat feeding but he and Alex had no trouble finding other amusements.

Afternoons like this are all the reminder I need of why living in the Money Pit, with all of its imperfections, is just plain fine with me.


  1. Being with your boys and their dogs and big toys, watching them climb trees on a beautiful day? No wonder it was a fabulous day.

    I'd kill for an afternoon like that! And I'd even pet the goats! Hee.

  2. ah! how wonderful! lucky you!

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your stroll. Lucky goats!

  4. I know just how you feel...My home is quite old and needs a bit more space..but I too know why I will stay here as long as I can...the country life is nice and comfortable, as well as the constant stopping and smelling of the roses..
    So glad you appreciate what you have.
    Hope you have another day like this one!

  5. Doggies are so cute!! They were really being ferocious, LOL. LOVE the twistie pattern!! Yay! Can't wait to d/l it, and it will barely need alterations since you're my body double. :D

    And I love the khaki capri's...I have that pattern and need to dig it out. It fits right out of the envelope pretty much. Where'd you get the cute plush/pom elastic?


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