Monday, March 19, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Here's the muslin for Butterick 4986. The fabric is a bubblegum pink textured poly knit. It looks kind of nice in the photo, but it's thin and cheapo looking in person. I would not be wearing this even if the sewing was neat (which it's most definitely not). This ugly knit has served its purpose well by being a decent test fabric without any temptation to want it to be wearable.

As I mentioned last night, the only pattern alterations I made prior to cutting and sewing this muslin were to narrow and square the shoulders. After trying it on, the fit over the bust is great, including the underbust seam which hits me under the bust as it should. Yes, this is without an FBA. I'm in shock. And really, even though this is a knit, the stretch is not compensating for an FBA. It fits over the bazooms without seeming to stretch anymore than the bias of a woven would had I used a woven per the pattern.

I cut the pattern at the size 18 lines at the upper bodice and gradually morphed to the 22 toward the hips. For this knit version, I also cut the back on the fold instead of with the shaped center back of the pattern. I don't want the seam in the solid fabric I have planned for the first wearable version. I may add another 1/2" to 5/8" ease in the back hips since I was trying this on without the underlayer I'll need in order to wear it out of the house.

The sleeve on your left is hemmed and the other is not. You can see on the unhemmed side that the armhole is drooping a bit. It's passable on me, but will be more comfortable raised about 3/8" so that's what I'll do. I think I'll add a little bit to the sleeve length because I like the unhemmed length better than the side that's hemmed. I like the puffed cap sleeves, which I was unsure about before trying it on. The bottom of the top is also unhemmed and again, I like this length so I'll add onto it for a new hem allowance. The last fit tweak will be to narrow the shoulders a bit more.

One thing I will be changing that has nothing to do with fit is to leave off the collar stand. I questioned it for a knit but since I was in testing mode, I figured why not just try it. I like the collar but there's absolutely no reason to have a stand for this top in a knit. I'll just widen the collar to compensate and make the top even easier to sew in the process.

Oh, if only all patterns were this easy to fit and sew. But I won't be greedy — I'll just be thankful that this one is a winner all around.

Other projects going on around here today:

DH finally took out the hearth in the family room. It's only a matter of days now before we have a real floor in there. We are going to cover up the fireplace. Yeah, I know, but right now it just does not work for our furniture. And besides, this is Florida. How much do we really need a fireplace? We're not going to make it permanent in case we change our minds or buy new furniture. (It won't even be pretty since our furniture will cover the wall completely.) One of the problems with it is that it is not centered on the wall. That drives me crazy. The other problem is that the brick hearth ran the full width of the wall and took up 2 feet of what could be useable floor space. We've now reclaimed that floor space.

This is a before shot from this morning:

And this is an after, taken earlier tonight.


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I went to Joann's on Saturday and had that pattern in my hand. I changed my mind and put it back. Saying to myself that I would wait until someone reviewed it. After seeing how nice your muslin turned out I am definitely going back to get it!

    BTW, an off center fireplace would make me crazy too! LOL

  2. Debbie, that top looks great! I think it will be very flattering.

    I loved what you said about your baby a couple of days back. That was just so sweet. I wanted girls and that is what I got....and I am very happy! ( I do have 3 younger brothers !)

  3. Your top does look great. Too bad that the fabric is yucky, but then if it wasn't it wouldn't be a muslin would it?

    Good luck with the living room re-do. I never understood the whole off center fire place thing. Weird!

  4. Debbie, your muslin looks really nice! I have my eye on this pattern also and its good to hear that it is a winner.

    Home projects - ugh. They're never ending aren't they. We have a brick fireplace that takes up almost one entire wall. I'm not sure which is worse - the entire wall of brick or an off center fireplace. They both kinda drive me nuts!

  5. Happy to see that this pattern is a winner! No FBA? Yowza, that's all I needed to hear to make it the next one I try.

  6. This reminds me of a DKNY LS shirt pattern in the stash ... It was meant to be a woven with a loose fit, but sue to my error it became a close fit. In a knit, it might just work out better. I'll have to try it out again. I almost went out and bought this pattern but then I remembered I already have a very similar one!

  7. Debbie...the muslin looks nice and what a cute pattern. Now I've got to stop reading blogs and start sewing!

  8. Wow Debbie, I really like that top! I think I need that pattern. I'm in shock that no FBA was needed - it's worth it just for that!!!

  9. You mean you can just rip a fireplace right off the wall!?!??!???

    I am *so* buying a crowbar on the way home. Mr H better stand back (and get out his wallet).

  10. Debbie, Great top. I too have the pattern and fabric, but no time. It will have to wait until some time in April.

    I love your scrubs. They are by far the most sophisticated scrubs I have ever seen. Your fabric choices are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Don't forget to cover the chimney on the roof top....remembering your

    I really like that top but prefer the other one a bit more...the one you have delegated to the stash with the lined top.

  12. looks like a good muslin. bubblegum pink is not one of your usual colors. :)

  13. Debbie, great looking shirt. Good luck with the fireplace remodel, boy, that will change the look of your room. Happy birthday to Tyler, I loved your post about him.

  14. Wow, that top is really cute! It didn't look like anything on the envelope, but yours is great!


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