Monday, March 19, 2007

(Not so) Cute Skirt?

Presenting the muslin for the Favorite Things Cute Skirts pattern:

OK, first the good points …

1. Very, and I mean very, easy to put together. And only 3 pattern pieces.

2. It fits. (Although I will have to lengthen it a bit and adjust for a tilted waist.)

3. Um. I think that's it. Oh wait. I realized that I don't have to lengthen the top.

And now the bad …

1. It's a sack.

2. It's a sack and has no shape on me.

3. It's still a sack.

Do you sense a theme? ;-)

Part of the problem is the muslin itself. Bland and boring. The rest of the blame goes to this skirt on my body cuz it sure looked cute on Beki. But on me, there's just too much fabric gathered at the back. Five of the eight panels' worth to be exact. As you can see in the pic above, that's a lot of gathering and creates poofs I just don't need. I'm not willing to mess with it at this point or to commit the good fabric to it, so I'm thinking of switching gears to Kwik Sew 3287. Remember this one?

It's much more flattering on me and also very easy to make up. In fact, I'm wondering now why I haven't made it again. (Note to self: Stop being tempted by all the patterns not in the stash!) I'll topstitch in aqua to make those seams really pop like they do on this denim version. It'll look fab! :grin:

Back to the cutting table …


  1. Debbie, I agree with you. Thanks for trying it out, now I don't have to. You and I have a similar shape. What do you think of this one? (I want to get it.)

  2. Totally understand Debbie, but it is so hard, tough really, not to be tempted by the next pattern. Burda has some nice bias skirts out.
    That KS skirt brought a smile to my face. I think I am in love....

  3. Hmmm, I do think the second skirt is a lot cuter...

  4. Debbie I love the KS skirt and it will look great in that fabric you showed the other day. Now I've got pattern envy - but for the Kwik Sew!!! g


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