Thursday, March 1, 2007

Scrub Maid

When my sister was here in January she was dropping major hints for some new scrubs. OK, not really hints … more like outright demands. ;-) I ordered some prints which will be arriving today and I hope to crank out 3 tops over the next week (around maybe another twist top for me). I'll use my TNT Simplicity 8336 but I'm also going to do at least one crossover top using this new pattern (she'll be on her own for the cami underneath unless I'm feeling especially generous!):

These are the fabrics I picked out. Part of the fun for me is that Lisa (my sister) gets absolutely no say whatsoever in fabric selection. ;-) I get to go a little wild and she loves the surprise.

The first in each pair is the main fabric and the other is the coordinating neckband, pocket trim or whatever I decide. I just realized this first fabric would look great trimmed with the striped fabric on the pattern envelope.

I'll toss them all into the washer and dryer this evening so they'll be ready when I am.

* * * * *

Thank you everyone for the nice comments about my "mom uniform." I'm loving those colors too.

Nancy, I do have a tripod and have used it. It's even being stored in my sewing room. But it's a real PITN to keep going back to the camera to click for each photo, and subsequently needing to rearrange myself and my pose in the 10 seconds before it goes off. Inevitably, I end up with a hem rolled up or a big wrinkle right down my chest. ;-) So, my apologies but blurry is what we get. LOL!


  1. Love your outfit, Debbie!
    And also your sewing room. Could you tell me how you did your walls? Did you paint over a paneling or something?

  2. Yes, the walls were already paneled. We just painted over them.

  3. Love those fabric combinations!

    Forgot to tell you how nice your "mom" outfit looked......terrific!

  4. I love your contrasting neckline/pocket trim idea (I have borrowed it recently and will probably do it often!). And I'm interested in hearing how your crossover scrub top goes - I have that pattern, too..

  5. I am just loving those new pieces of fabric to bits. Where did you order them?

    I would also like to ask about your pattern adjustments for the X twistie, do you adjust the pants hem afterwards? Or do you just do the adjustment 'X twistie' and leave the hem as it is. It seems to me that the hem needs to be balanced. I am working on a pants and I'm making similar adjustments. I have brought the outer hem back down and squared it off towards the in-seam. I will do the test pants and see how it goes.

  6. I love you suburban mom outfit! It looks very comfy.

    I love the fabrics you picked for the scrub tops too. Where did you get it at?


  7. up for a suggestion? add pockets.. add a smaller one inside the larger one...I'm a nurse and I never have enough pockets!


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